Koda was a minor villain who appeared in "The Tale of the Dark Music", an episode of the popular children's horror series Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Koda was an older boy who instantly took a dislike to Andy when he arrived in town and continually beat on him, despite Andy not doing anything to provoke him. Koda went as far as tossing Andy's bike into the path of a moving truck out of spite and took delight in informing Andy that he would make his life a living hell for the rest of his life.

However, Koda would meet a grisly end when Andy decided to give into the dark wishes of the Basement Demon and Koda found himself locked in Andy's basement after being lured by Andy. Koda continually threatened to beat Andy again in an effort to escape, but was ultimately devoured (off-screen) by the Basement Demon.

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