Kodiak is a villain of the Green Arrow. He is the leader of the Shield Clan and a high ranking member of the Outsiders.



Kodiak's backstory, as well as his true identity, is unknown. What is known, however, is that once he possessed the sacred weapon totem of the Shield clan, it conferred immortality and enlightenment to him. Therefore, the totem signified him as the leader of the Shield Clan.

The Outsiders War

Kodiak is sent under orders to go to the island to kill both Green Arrow and Shado who are in search of both the Arrow Clan and the Arrow Totem. Although he easily dispatches the archers, he is then overpowered in the numbers game. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


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Kodiak makes his live-action debut on the TV series Arrow, as a supporting antagonist of Season 7 alongside the other members of the Longbow Hunters, who are a trio of assassins. It is unknown if his backstory is similar to that of the comics.

He is portrayed by Michael Jonsson.


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