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The Kodiak Bear is the secondary antagonist of the 1997 movie The Edge.

It was played by the late animal actor Bart the Bear.


The bear first appears when Charles, Bob, and Stephen are looking around in the forest, and the bear chases after them. Bob and Stephen avoid the beast by getting to the other side of the river via a log. The bear chases after Charles, who only just makes it across, and the bear walks away.

The bear returns in the nighttime and devours Stephen because he was bleeding. The following day, the bear stalks Charles and Bob again through another forest, and then to a river. The two men do their best to fight the bear off with their spears. Charles manages to lure the bear over to him, and Charles sticks his spear in the rocks, and the giant animal gets impaled. Charles and Bob cook and eat the bear's flesh, and use his fur for coats.