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Kogure, Guzuri, Jira and Naburi are main anime-exclusive villains of ep. 88 in Fist of the North Star.

We first see them leading a gang of bandits to attack a farmer who was transporting chickens for his daughter. After killing the farmer, the bandit group steal and cook the chickens.

Kogure knows that in the post-apocalypse world, robbing is right. No sooner does he toast this when Kenshiro arrives to avenge the chicken farmer.

Kogure and his gang recognize Kenshiro who had toppled Shin and Souther's empires. Kogure proposes that if he and his gang kill Kenshiro, they can be allowed to join the ranks of Ken-Oh as he might promise good meals for the gang.

The henchmen rush in, but the weaker groups are blown up by the Hokuto Shinken techniques. Kogure, Guzuri, Jira and Naburi then encircle Kenshiro with Taizan-ryu Shisoku Ken and seem to have the advantage against him.

Just then, Kenshiro spots an opening and presses the Keisetsu power point on Kogure's back, preventing him from moving. With Guzuri, Jira and Naburi demoralized, Kenshiro punches the three top lackey and locks all four of them into a deadly embrace, killing them in one blow.

Powers and Abilities

Guzuri, Jira and Naburi

Kogure, Guzuri, Jira and Naburi use Taizan-ryu Shisoku Ken to surround their foes and attack in tandem. If Kogure is disabled, the technique is lessened.


  • Kogure and his trio try to make Kenshiro difficult.


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