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Kold Kin Kade appears in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.


Kin Kade was originally a prison convict who was serving a fifteen year sentence for countless murders. His fellow inmates nicknamed him "Kold" due to his sociopathic and violent behavior. Kade continued his murders by killing all of his cellmates. As a result, he was placed into solitary confinement for the remainder of his prison sentence. Business tycoon Jacqueline Natla eventually found Kin Kade. She had him released on parole and placed him into her custody. He became Natla's personal bodyguard.

Months later, Natla's limousine was carjacked by a group of inner city hoodlums. Kin Kade killed the entire gang except for its leader, Jerome Johnson. He was spared by Natla's own request. She wanted someone from the criminal world and Jerome was her only available resource. Even though Jerome worked for Natla, he harbored immense hatred towards Kin Kade for the death of his gang.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Natla is accompanied by Larson Conway, Jerome, and Kin Kade on her trip to Egypt. They swipe the Scion from Lara Croft and take her weapons. They try to kill her but she manages to escape by jumping off a nearby cliff and landing into a ravine of water. Natla and her henchmen leave and board her yacht en route to a secret island. They are unknowingly followed by Lara Croft.

Later, Lara encounters Kin Kade in the mines of the secret island. Jerome appears after taking a leak. He sees Lara and attempts to kill her by using his sub machine guns. Angry, Kin Kade uses his combat knife to stab Jerome while saying "She's mine!" Kin Kade then manages to pin Lara against a wall. Before he can kill her, he is shot in the back by Jerome who managed to survive. Kin Kade is killed right before Jerome dies from blood loss.


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