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Villain Overview

Kill me, Kotal, and you lose profit.
~ Kollector to Kotal Kahn.
Before Shao Kahn raised me up, Outworlders despised the Naknada. Now they fear us! Tell me that is not progress.
~ Kollector to Jade about himself and his Naknadan people.

Kollector is a servant of Shao Kahn, a member of the Naknada (also referred to as Naknadans) who are the blue-skinned six-armed goblin-like monsters of Outworld, and a supporting antagonis in Mortal Kombat 11 and its DLC story mode, Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

He is voiced by Andrew Morgado.


Mortal Kombat 11

The Naknada

The greedy and sadistic minion of Shao Kahn, Kollector was originally born into poverty and his race, the Naknada, enslaved under Shao Kahn's reign for thousands of years, but he still rose through the ranks to become rich and powerful. However, when Kotal became Kahn, Kollector was forced to hide.

In Story Mode, he is first seen trapped, with Kotal ready to kill him for stealing. Although he declares that killing him is a bad idea due to money loss, Kotal replies that he wouldn't rob the people, the Kollector saying that Shao Kahn's rule was law after this. Before he can he killed, though, the past collides with the present, bringing the past versions of the Mortal Kombat characters into the Koliseum. Taking advantage of the situation, he kills some of his captors, unlocks the wheel bound to his neck, and escapes. He then returns when D'Vorah arrives to whisk Shao Kahn, Kollector, and the other minions of the emperor to her hive.

At the hive, Kollector informs the emperor that he was killed by Raiden in this timeline, Mileena took control until D'Vorah killed her, and Kotal is now Kahn, much to Shao Kahn's displeasement. As Shao Kahn accepts Kronika's offer for a better dominion, he follows his leader to the Tarkatan Kamp, where he confronts Jade. Jade tells him that he exploits people to get ahead in life, something he remarks with saying that his race were previously hated, but now feared. 

After both Jade and Kotal are captured, the Kollector goes to the Koliseum, overseeing the execution of Shao Kahn. However, before this can happen, Kitana, allied with the Tarkatans and the Shokan, barge into the Koliseum to rescue Kotal. Blocking Kitana's path, Kollector angrily notes how ungrateful Kitana is, not putting respect into Shao Kahn's wealth and saying how if the previously poor Kollector was accepted into his hands, he would not throw it away. Kintana defeats Kollector in a fight, and he is not seen again after this.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

During Kitana's siege against Shao Kahn was first seen assisting Shao Kahn's battle against Kitana, defending Shao Kahn's name as the Kahn of Outworld. Just then, he spotted the sorcerer, Shang Tsung. Intrigued, Kollector follows him under the Koliseum. He would question the sorcerer of aiding earthrealm. During the interrogation, he releases two beasts from their pens. As Fujin and Shang Tsung battles two beasts, he battles Nightwolf in defeat.


Having blue skin and six arms, Kollector is a very odd-looking monster. He wears a blue and gold short cloak with a hood, a brown backpack that is supported by two of his arms, a gold belt, and similarly colored pants. For his weapons, he wields a spiked ball-and-chain, two machetes, and a explosive device that shoots out blue smoke. 


A sadistic person consumed by avarice, Kollector has undying loyalty to Shao Kahn. He believes Shao Kahn's words are "law". He has trust issues as he says that he cannot trust D'Vorah due to her betrayal against Kotal Kahn to side with Shinnok.  Furthermore, he also dislikes Kitana for betraying Shao Kahn, not only because of his loyalty but also disregarding everything Shao Kahn did for her beforehand. As shown in both the story mode and several in the intros, Kollector's consumed by avarice not only due to greed, but also since he grew up poor and faced racisim by various other Outworld races.


You have earned my respect Raiden. Very few could collect Shinnok's head.
~ The Kollector impressed with Lord Raiden before their fight.
Are you Kitana's enforcer?
~ The Kollector after Liu Kang asks him to join Princess Kitana's court.
I seek only to serve the Kahn.
~ The Kollector after Liu Kang asks him to not hound Kitana too much.
And let you draw my blood?
~ The Kollector not trusting Skarlet after she asks him to come closer.
There is no proof in vengeance. Meaning it has little value.
~ The Kollector to Scorpion.
There's no profit in surrender.
~ The Kollector after Cassie Cage tries to take him in.
He owed me know you do.
~ The Kollector talking to young Kung Lao after he brags about killing young Kintaro in the original timeline.
Your regime will need gold.
~ The Kollector wanting to work with Kitana Kahn.
It promised no return on my investment.
~ The Kollector telling Jade why he did not fight in tournaments.
Secrets are worth more than gold.
~ The Kollector after Geras tries to get a secret from him.


  • Kollector is the first playable character with more than two arms who is not a Shokan.
    • He is also the first playable character to have six arms.
  • When fighting Erron Black, Kollector may mention that Erron killed his brother.
  • Kollector is a loyal servant to Shao Kahn, having fled his service after Kotal Kahn took the throne.
  • Kollector's design is likely an inspiration from Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. They both share a lot in common, from the way they are dressed in riches and gold, have multiple arms, collect body parts (most notably heads) and wield multiple different weapons, including a sickle, a knife and a mystic beacon (Kali sometimes uses a head which she holds by their hair instead).
  • Naknada, Kollector's race, means "currency" in the Croatian dialect.


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