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I'm Kolo. Mr. Drevin said you needed a diving buddy
~ Kolo

Kolo is a minor antagonist in the Alex Rider book Ark Angel.


Alex Rider goes scuba diving at his host Nikolei Drevin's reccomendation. What Alex doesn't know is that Drevin eavesdropped on Alex and from the information of the journalist named Harry Bulman, he got news that Alex was an MI6 agent and his enemy. Drevin talked to Magnus Payne about the affair and Payne suggested Alex be killed.

Drevin told Kolo to take Alex out onto the wreck site and leave him there to drown. Perhaps a more sensible thing to do would have been to shoot Alex on the boat and throw him into the sea. However, Drevin ordered Kolo to drown Alex and Kolo is an officious man who obeys his boss' every command word for word.

Kolo takes Alex out and is polite and friendly with him but then he reccomends Alex swim deeper into the ship's damaged hold underwater. Alex admires the sunken ship's beauty and he doesn't hear the hold hatch being slammed shut. Alex swims to the hatch and finds a new lock on an old door. He then hears Kolo returning to the boat and realizes that Kolo has betrayed him and left him to drown because Drevin suspected him.

Alex survives by the help of Tamara, a CIA agent and Drevin's false secretary; and then they manage to find Kolo the next night after he left Alex to drown. Alex watches Kolo when he guards the locker rooms and then he opens a spray can Smithers from MI6 gave him which instead of dispelling insects, attracts every insect on the island. Alex sneaks into the locker room and drops the liquid on Kolo's clothes and watches him and his guards get changed. When they come out, every insect begins flying to them and begins biting them. Soon Kolo and his men are surrounded by huge insects which attack them and Kolo manages to crawl back into the locker rooms swearing. What happens to Kolo afterwards is unknown, but it is presumed that he is either killed or arrested for his antagonistic actions when the CIA attack the island.


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