Kolya Zimin is a supporting antagonist of the 2002 action film xXx. He is the brother and supporter of Yorgi Azar Zimin in their attempt to cause anarchy around the world through their organization Anarchy 99.

He was portrayed by Petr Jakl.


Meeting Xander Cage

Kolya was first seen with his friend Viktor when they spot an NSA agent running through the streets of Prague, as the latter's got hold of information about a missing gas formula known as "Silent Night", which can be used to kill millions of people. Needless to say, Yorgi's right-hand man Kirill managed to snipe the agent, allowing both Viktor and Kolya to steal back the information.

Because of this event, the NSA decides to send in a new agent, in the form of an extreme sports professional and host named Xander Cage, to investigate in exchange for leniency of his past crimes. To blend in, Xander introduces himself to Yorgi at a party and purposely blew off Czech agent Milan Sova's cover before purposely shooting him with a non-fatal projectile to earn Yorgi's trust. This was a success, in addition to Kolya openly admitting to being a fan of Xander's antics. This allows Xander to retrieve enough information about Yorgi's true plan of launching a drone named Ahab to release the toxic gas into major cities to bring in worldwide anarchy.


Despite Xander's success, he was sold out by Sova, who revealed Xander's true occupation to Yorgi out of spite and greed. As such, Yorgi orders both Viktor and Kolya to kill Xander at all costs, forcing Xander to escape from Yorgi's mansion. Taking a motorcycle, Kolya attempts to chase down Xander in an attempt to kill him, but Xander foils this by rigging all of Yorgi's vehicles (including the motorcycles) with explosives, and Kolya is killed by the explosion, much to Yorgi's complete distraught.

Yorgi later listed Kolya to Xander and Yelena as one of the people who won't be able to see Ahab in action.



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