Hello, Oliver.
~ Komodo introducing himself to Green Arrow.

Simon Lacroix, also known as Komodo, is a DC Comics villain and enemy of the Green Arrow. He is a former protege of Robert Queen before betraying him and becoming a nemesis of his son, Oliver Queen.


Simon Lacroix was born into poverty, with determination and intelligence as his only resources.

Nevertheless, he ultimately got a position at Queen Industries, where Robert Queen was impressed by the young man's perseverance. To Robert, Simon was everything his own son was not, as Oliver was, at that point, still a shallow, irresponsible teenager. Simon became a part of Robert's expedition to find the fabled Arrow Clan totem, which is said to grant enlightenment to those who wield it.

Seeking that enlightenment for himself, Simon betrayed and murdered his mentor. Simon eventually became the public face of Stellmoor International, and adopted Shado's daughter Emiko.

After engineering the events the caused Oliver Queen to lose his fortune, Simon took up the mantle of the masked assassin Komodo, framing Green Arrow for murder and besting him in battle. A second confrontation resulted in Komodo losing an eye, but Green Arrow was still unable to gain a decisive victory against his new nemesis.

Komodo later rounded up the Outsiders to undergo their plan to take over Europe but were confronted by Shado, Robert Queen, Green Arrow and the other clan members which were lead by Katana.

In the ensuing battle, Komodo successfully kills Robert with an arrow to the chest. Simon himself is killed at the hands of his daughter Emiko upon learning of her true parentage.

In Other Media


Main article: Komodo (Arrowverse)

Komodo appears in the second episode of Season 3 of the CW TV series, Arrow. This iteration is a mercenary who wears a mask, and he has no relations to Queen Consolidated and Robert Queen. He was a suspect for killing Sara Lance in the season premiere, but had an alibi to prove that he did not.

He is portrayed by Matt Ward.


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