I don't revere lumps of stone like you do. I have no respect for religion. I only revere myself. Revere me also, I am God. I decide if you live or die.
~ Komtuan

Komtuan is the main antagonist of the 2003 martial arts movie Ong Bak. He was portrayed by Suchao Pongwilai.

Section Heading

Komtuan was an old Thai crime boss who had lost use of his legs and larynx by unknown means. Komtuan was a Nihilist who respected no Gods, worshipping only himself. As such, he started a smuggling ring that dealt mainly in sacred Buddha statues. Komtuan sets the action of the film by sending his men to steal the Buddha Ong Bak from a small village.

Komtuan later encounters a young boy from that village at a fight club, where he lost a large amount of money betting against him. Komtuan saw that as yet another reason to hate the man, and sent men to have him killed. As these were all unseccesful, Komtuan eventually offered Ting the Buddha statue if he could beat a fighter of his choosing. This fighter was a Burmese known as Mad Dog who won the battle using drugs.

Komtuan was next seen inside of a cave, leading an operation to excavate an ancient, giant Buddha statue. After a fight with Ping, Komtuan was eventually crushed under the statue's head. 

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