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Konnichiwa (Japanese: こんにちはー) is a minor antagonist in the horror puzzle video game Fancy Island. She is a ghost who hangs upside down.


Konnichiwa's personality isn't revealed in-depth, but she has a sadistic habit of jumpscaring people who visit Fancy Island.


In Fancy Island, whenever Mimi respawns after dying, there is a 1/3 chance that Konnichiwa will fall from the top of the screen and attack Mimi, causing her to automatically warp to the starting room. There is also a possibility that either Ellis or Yamiuchi Ji will attack Mimi instead. The jumpscare will be different each time Mimi respawns.

After defeating the Pieyama God, Konnichiwa can be seen in the gallery, and she also makes another appearances in a cluster of consecutive jumpscares that could be played during Christmas Time in the old version of Fancy Island.


  • Konnichiwa (こんにちは) is a Japanese informal greeting. It can be translated as "Hello".
  • Just like Purapura, her sprite is always presented hanging upside down.
  • Before late 2015, Konnichiwa was the only enemy that could attack Mimi whenever Mimi respawns.
    • In July 2015, Kuwagata Oji-San was another enemy that could attack Mimi, but this was removed shortly after it was added.
  • Konnichiwa also appears in a series of LINE stickers.

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