Kooch is a supporting antagonist in the 1982 anime film Shiroi Kiba Monogatari. He is Mit-Sah's archenemy and Lip-Lip's owner.

He was voiced by Hiroko Maruyama.


As Mit-Sah plays with Lip-Lip, Kooch sneaks up behind him and beats him up for playing with his dog until an older man tells them to stop fighting and tells Mit-Sah to give Lip-Lip back to Kooch and that he should not take other people's things. Kooch and Mit-Sah challenge each other on who's owner Lip-Lip choses to be and Lip-Lip chose Kooch.

After Mit-Sah and White Fang play with each other at the pond, Kooch steals his clothes and plans to make White Fang and Lip-Lip fight. Lip-Lip gains the upper hand and Kooch beats up Mit-Sah until White Fang breaks free from Lip-Lip and wins. Kooch starts to kick White Fang until Mit-Sah punches him in the face.

As Mit-Sah continues to beat up Kooch, White Fang starts to chase Kooch's friends until one falls into a pond and the other gets attacked by White Fang in a tree.


  • Kooch's name is similar to Mit-Sah's mother, Kloo-Koosh.
  • Kooch was never given a proper name in the novel.


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