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Villain Overview

All evil, even potential evil, must be eradicated.
~ Kore's voice tick after having a piece of rope infused into his throat.

Kore the Paladin is a major antagonist in the D&D inspired dark fantasy webcomic series, Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes.


According to Thaco, Kore hunts monsters with both high and low challenge ratings with equal amount of determination in killing them and once he picks a target, he will not get distracted or bored. Kore has no fear, hesitation, or mercy for his targets. He is not interested in finding treasure or earning xp from his opponents, he just kills as nothing can stop him from doing it.


Kore is a dwarvern paladin from beyond the Godskull Mountains who has made it his life's mission to vanquish all evil in the Thuntoniverse of Goblins. He believes that all monsters are evil, and indiscriminately slaughters orcs, ogres, and goblins alike, in a world where it is made clear that this is simply not the case.

Kore's Arrival

Holy Crap! It's Kore.
~ Sticks

In his first appearance, Kore attacks a tavern housing several orcs and an ogre, as well as a dwarf child who had been raised by an orc who had killed his father last winter in a battle. When the orcs realize his presence, the ogre immediately warns the others that if he gets inside his tavern, they will all be dead, and that he had slaughtered entire armies.

After killing the orc assigned to guard the tavern's door by snapping his neck, Kore takes the keys from him and unlocks the door. He immediately slaughters everyone inside, including the dwarvern child, telling him that he had been hopelessly tainted due to being raised by orcs, even after the orc who adopted him begged him to spare his life with his dying breath.

A few days later, Thaco warns the eponymous goblin adventuring party about him after he notices him in the distance, telling his party that no monster is safe as long as he was nearby. Big Ears asks Thaco how he can kill the innocent and still retain his paladin powers and status, to which he is unable to explain.

After rescuing Fumbles from a public execution and the prisoners of the Goblinslayer in Brassmoon, Kore attacks the goblin adventuring party. When their leader, Chief stays behind to hold him off, the Paladin proceeds to defeat him easily and tortures him horribly, knowing that his cries of anguish will cause his comrades to return to him.

When Minmax and Forgath arrive to battle the Goblin Adventuring Party (believing them to be a threat to the world at large due to the legend of the White Terror), he proceeds to attack them as well.

Powers and Abilities

Kore the Paladin wears a heavy suit of armor, and carries a shield that he can use to defend himself from enemy attacks. Despite regularly murdering innocent monsters (and children included), he is shown to be able to use paladin abilities, such as Lay On Hands. He also wields automatic crossbows that he can use to shoot steel bolts at his enemies with deadly accuracy.

He also wields a pair of axes. He is considered by many to be a one-man army as he has killed and destroyed entire armies. Having a rope magically fused through his throat did little more than briefly impede him. Kore can also use the Speak For Dead spell, allowing to extort information from dead enemies, such as Young And Beautiful, who had been killed by Forgath using Inflict Minor Wounds.


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