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Tell me, how much do you love your family?
~ Kores Botha to Will Sawyer.

Kores Botha (born November 18, 1974 in Denmark) is the main antagonist in the 2018 action thriller film Skyscraper. He is a freelance terrorist working under various criminal organizations in order to collect money by his own means. Believing that his plan would lessen the chances of work disruption, he was also the man responsible for the massive fire that occurred in the 96th floor of “The Pearl”, the world’s tallest building, also kidnapping Will Sawyer’s daughter as part of his scheme.

He was portrayed by Roland Møller, who played Aleksander Bremovych in Atomic Blonde.


He is first seen inside the basement floor of the Pearl when one of his henchmen kills a mechanical engineer by strangling his neck. Botha devised a scheme to destroy several parts of the skyscraper so he can gain additional funds for his malicious purposes. Later on, he proceeds to destroy the card containing lots of memory so lots of evidence will be destroyed.

On the 96th floor, he and his men successfully managed to burn down the entire place in order to access higher floors up until they reached the pinnacle of The Pearl.

The investigators mistakenly identify Will Sawyer as the mastermind behind the attack, but his wife Sarah doesn’t believe them and eventually realizes that Botha is the man behind the fire attacks.

In order to escape the building, he uses Sawyer’s daughter as a hostage but a shootout ensues inside The Pearl room, resulting in the deaths of his henchmen and eventually Botha himself by getting kicked by Sawyer off the skyscraper with the cooked grenade exploding with him and ending his terrorism.