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Korshar Bonebreaker is a villain in the video game Spellforce: The Order of Dawn. He is a henchman of Hokan Ashir tasked with finding the mask of Belial for his master.


Although dead, Hokan manages to contact Korshar. He orders his undead lieutenant to find the mask of Belial which would allow Hokan to resurrect himself. Korshar eventually finds one part of the mask and has knowledge that the other half is hidden in a fortress of the Order of Dawn at Greydusk Vale. Although his forces overrun most of the Vale, the people in the fortress manage to barricade themselves and are eventually rescued by the Rune Warrior. The Rune Warrior, who has met with Hokan's ghost, has also been sent by Ashir to retrieve the mask.

After liberating Greydusk Vale, the Rune Warrior heads on to the Howling Mounds where Korshar's citadel is located. Being alerted to the Rune Warrior's presence, Korshar sends word to his five generals which are located in smaller fortresses around the Mounds. The generals send undead soldiers to defeat the Rune Warrior but are eventually killed by him. After the defeat of his generals, Korshar opens the gates to his citadel and unleashes a vast army of undead which overrun the Rune Warrior's base and destroy his monuments. After building another army in the north of the Mounds, the Rune Warrior fights his way through the citadel and, after entering a portal that leads into a labyrinth, faces Korshar. After the undead lieutenant is killed, the Rune Warrior obtains the second part of the mask from him.

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