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Koutarou Amon is the tritagonist of the manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel Tokyo Ghoul:re. He is a First-Class Ghoul Investigator whos goal is to exterminate all ghouls to prevent children from becoming orphaned like he was. He may have good intentions but his sense of justice blinds him from seeing that ghouls struggle and have real life in them just like humans. This mindset starts to change after he encounters Ken Kaneki when he spared Amon and Amon gained a huge interest in him and his views on ghouls began to change especially after he became a ghoul himself in Tokyo Ghoul:re.

He was voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese version, and Mike McFarland in the English version of the anime.


Amon is a very tall, handsome young man with black hair and teal eyes. His distinctive eyebrows are curved at the end. Due to his constant, vigorous training, he has an extremely athletic and muscular build.

Amon mostly wore a black suit with a white overcoat underneath along with a silver necklace with a cross.

After becoming a ghoul, he wears a black cloak with a hood. He has a kakugan in his right eye and a kagune that can form with a different set of fingers each time it regenerates.


Due to his experiences as an orphan, Amon had a strong sense of justice against ghouls as they caused the deaths of his family and his adoptive father Donato Porpora was a ghoul who ate the other orphaned children when he was younger. Because of this, he began to hate and despise ghouls and decided to join the C.C.G. to wipe out all ghouls and save the human race. Despite his harsh exterior to ghouls, he does have a caring side as his thinks of the investigators as his family, especially Kureo Mado and Yukinori Shinohara who were his former superiors. Amon is a bit hypocritical for his reasons for his sympathy for orphaned children as he helped Mado orphan Hinami just because she's a ghoul.

After he met Kaneki, his views on ghouls began to change as he gained an interest in Kaneki and wanted to learn why he was spared by him when Kaneki had the chnace to finish him off. This interest in Kaneki was so strong for Amon that when he lost him arm (only in the manga, not the anime) he refused to die as he states to Seidou "Don't be absurd, if I die here he'll become a murderer".

After he became a ghoul, he views on ghouls did a complete 180 as he became the very thing he was trying to destroy and met other ghouls including Touka who was the one killed Mado but couldn't bring himself to hate her. This belief gave him the realization that even though ghouls can be dangerous and creating the "wrong" world, he was contributing this factor and saw himself as a mass murderer and tried to redeem his actions by attempting to bring the deranged Takizawa back to his senses after he killed Houji and the rest of his squad. This eventual redemption came as he made peace with his dying foster father and helped Kaneki destroy V and create a peaceful world for humans and ghouls to coexist together.


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