Koya is villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW comics.She was orginally Shredder's pet falcon before her Mutation and the partner of Bludgeon.


Koya was originally Shredder's pet falcon who was used for reconisise until her Mutation.She and her partner Bludgeon first appeared in the island where Shredder was porposing an alliance with the alien Krang. With Krang refusing Shredder and Krang fought each other with Koya and Bludgeon fought with their master.She first fought the turtles Leonardo and Michelango who she mocked and nearly killed. She later appears in the vengeance arc where she and Bludgeon go on and fight the Turtles once more until Shredder's death. Koya lost her wings and now serves Karai who then helps her gain new powers using mystics to give herself wings and later fought the Yakuza to help Karai take control over it. She would later accompany Karai to encounter Leo again intent on killing him to avenge shredder until Leo talks her out of it.Koya now develop new repsect for Leo and goes with Karai to take over the Foot Clan.Koya and the others appear in the City at War arc with Karai and Splinter try neogiations for the Foot clan before Bishop's plans go into motion.

Powers and Ablities

Being a mutant Falcon Koya possess superhuman strength,speed,and stamina with the ablity of flight due to being a Falcon.


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