Oh, lame am I? Mock me while you can for it is I, the great Krackus who will bring you to your knees. It is I, the gr...(falls over, turns facing away from Jenny) Hey, where'd you go?
~ Krackus

Krakus is the former inventor/scientist of The Cluster in My Life as a Teenage Robot.

He was voiced by Jim Ward, who also played Captain Qwark, Hydros, Torrance, Milenkov and Belial.


Krackus is often protrayed as "mad" and commonly creates flawed inventions that end up humiliatingly for Vexus's team. Among all parties he's seen as incompetent and hardly if ever considered a genuine threat. That said he was shown to of been able to create a device that scattered Jenny's body all over the world leaving only her head and friends to gather the peices in time before he could remake a communications device and having the Cluster take over the world.


As they gather the peices the heroes occasionally would pass by him and destroy what progress on the communication device in hopes of buying time. However when Krakus finally finished the device Vexus was annoyed by him and doubted his success before Jenny was able to trick the Cluster she had reassembled herself when in fact she wasn't ready just yet. As a result Vexus forcibly teleporters Krakus to her so "she can have a word" with him.


  • A running gag is it seems Krakus never can remember Jenny's name and often pronounces it wrong.


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