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The Kraken is a major antagonist in the video game God of War II. After Kratos accidentally kills the Last Spartan, the Kraken appears out of nowhere and tries to kill Kratos.

Its vocal sound effects were provided by Michael Edward Johnson.


According to Greek mythology, the Kraken is a giant sea monster that resembles a giant octopus-like monster.


After The Last Spartan told what happened to Sparta, and died, the Kraken appears out of nowhere and blocks Kratos' pathway toward the Temple of the Sisters of Fate. Instead of fighting it, Kratos screams toward the sky about how Zeus is a coward for destroying Sparta. When Kratos was being squeezed to death by the Kraken and nearly dies, Gaia grants Kratos the Rage of the Titans, so he could free himself from the Kraken's grasp.

Boss Battle

Kratos has to hit the Kraken's weak spot, a sore spot on it's tentacle to have it lift it up. After the Kraken lifts up it's tentacle, Kratos then uses the corpse of the Last Spartan to activate a panel, which activates a large air vent. Kratos then uses Icarus' Wings to lift himself in the air and then processed by hacking into the sore spot on the Kraken's head. After dealing enough damage, the Kraken will jab the sharp end on one of it's tentacles. Kratos then has to climb on the tentacle and hit it's weakspot. After the weakspot is destroyed, Kratos wraps Athena's blade around, cutting the sharp end off the Kraken's tentacle. Kratos then does the procedure a second time, but the only difference it that the Kraken jabs the second sharp end toward the side. Kratos has to hang on the tentacle and hit it's weakspot again and do the same thing. After both tentacle a ripped off, the Kraken eats the corpse of the Last Spartan, so Kratos couldn't use the air vent. Kratos the processed by hitting the Kraken's sore spots on both of it's tentacles, the Kraken will hold on for dear life, only to have Kratos activate the bridge, in which the bridge slams into the Kraken's mouth, killing it.



  • The Kraken is the only boss that has little to nothing to do with the Sisters of Fate, since the previous bosses after the Dark Rider had something to do with the Sisters, whether it being a guardian, or trying to reach the Sisters to undo their fate.
  • The Kraken bears a striking resemblance to the mythical creature of the same name in the 1981 film Clash of The Titans.


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