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You will give me what I want, Krabs. Maybe a little time to think will get it through that thick shell of yours.
~ The Kraken

The Kraken is the main antagonist of SpongeBob Comics issues #76 and #77, a.k.a. "Untidaled Pt. 1 and 2". He kidnaps Mr. Krabs's daughter Pearl after Krabs lets her go on her own to a fake talent show, and the gang goes to get her back, only to find that he is the one responsible.


The Kraken was formerly a carnival barker who grew dissatisfied with living alone and being separated from other ocean-dwellers. Then he was approached by a one-eyed man who promised him treasures beyond his wildest imaginings if he would mount a talent show. When Mr. Krabs allowed his daughter Pearl to go on her own, Kraken detained her and waited for the treasure to appear. But when nothing happened, he grew angry and kept Pearl hostage.

While she was kidnapped, he got hold of the Krabby Patty she'd brought for lunch and was surprised by its effectiveness at luring in the denizens of the deep, allowing him to feast on them and develop a taste for sea creatures. As such, he created a large jar with pipes attached to drain Bikini Bottom.

When the gang arrived at the large jar, the Kraken showed up to kidnap all of them and keep them hostage in his jar, where he allowed them to spend some final moments together before he ate them. He planned on using Mr. Krabs to create a giant Krabby Patty to lure in as many sea creatures as possible.

But when Mr. Krabs refused, he had him captured and prepared for eating as well. However, when they broke out, he was forced to send potentially lethal jellyfish to zap and most likely kill them all. Thankfully, SpongeBob (who was partially immune to their venom) was able to distract them and wear them out.

The Kraken then grabbed all of the characters, including Pearl, and prepared to eat them all in one bite. However, he was interrupted by Mr. Krabs, who asked to hear his daughter Pearl sing before they were all eaten. Kraken allows it and Pearl begins singing raucously, causing the glass jar to break and the Kraken to be flung away as the gang manage to ride the tide back to Bikini Bottom, which is once again filled with water.


The Kraken is an evil monster with few to no redeeming qualities whatsoever, contrary to the usual light-hearted nature of the SpongeBob series as a whole. He is happy to kill and eat beings that he knows are sentient and have feelings, and even seems to take some joy in their pain and suffering. Though he seemed kind enough to grant Mr. Krabs a final request, it is possible that he just wanted to prolong the characters' suffering as he prepared to eat them. It is unknown if he was at one point not evil, or if he's always been a spiteful egomaniac that enjoys slaughtering the fish of Bikini Bottom and eating them.


  • The Kraken is among the few SpongeBob SquarePants villains to actually be responsible for murder, along with Dennis and the Cyclops. However, unlike them, he is played completely seriously and is starkly contrasting to the usual light-heartedness of the franchise.


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