No! I hate happy endings!
~ Kralahome

Kralahome is an evil sorcerer and the main antagonist of the 1999 animated film adaptation of The King and I by Warner Bros..

He was voiced by the late Ian Richardson, who also played Francis Urquhart in House of Cards, and Chancellor Hyena in The Jungle King by Golden Films.

Role in the film

Kralahome is an evil sorcerer whose main goal is to become king of Siam by overthrowing King Mongkut by sabotaging his reputation a good leader. He believes if harm is done to Anna Leonowens, Louis, Tuptim, and Prince Chulalongkorn, then King Mongkut would be considered to be a traitorous and horrible person and that he would be eliminated from the throne. He could then proceed take over the kingdom and rule it for himself.

His henchman, Master Little does not feel appreciative of Kralahome, hence calling him "stingy" by not sharing the wealth when he becomes king. Kralahome has the power to create illusions with the help of a magical gong that can see all as sort of like a crystal ball and mind powers.

Towards the climax of the film, Kralahome is foiled by Anna Leonowen's friend, Edward for trying to kill King Mongkut, and his plans were uncovered. His punishment would be permanently working the elephant stables by cleaning their dung with Master Little as his boss. He then gets beaten up by Master Little after getting angry about his last tooth falling out.


Kralahome is the tyrannical Prime Minister of Siam and a very powerful advisor, a villainous sorcerer, and a diplomatic figure. Also, describing his personality, he is very evil, cunning, manipulative, temperamental, iniquitous, and antagonistic towards Anna. He is also shown to be abusive, opprobrious, uncomplimentary, and vituperative towards Master Little.



  • Kralahome appears in the original Rodgers and Hammerstein musical and associated adaptations thereof, but not as villainous; at most, he is mildly antagonistic towards Anna due to cultural differences. Due to this and other changes made to the source material, the estates of Rodgers and Hammerstein refused to allow any more of their works to be animated.


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