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Hallo kinder... mein name ist Krampus!
~ Krampus

Krampus is a minor antagonist and boss in the arcade game CarnEvil. He is the boss of the Rickety Town level. A twisted version of Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) with antlers and pine tree claws, he faces the player in a Christmas themed ice-skating rink.


Despite Krampus' low activity in game, the official website for CarnEvil goes into far more detail on his actions. Beyond the game, Krampus also kidnaps "naughty" children to eventually enslave and transform into the Tinsels, his personal minions. In game, he is encountered at the end of Rickety Town, and he attacks by skating after the player and either clawing at him or hitting him with the large sack he carries on his shoulder. He eventually is shot dead by the protagonist, but judging of the ending of the game, Krampus could have been revived with the reawakening of CarnEvil.

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