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"Merry Krampus, kiddies. It's party time!”
~ Krampus coming out of Pulp Function

Krampus is a minor antagonist in Danger Force, being the main antagonist of the two-part episode "Down Goes Santa".

He was portrayed by Kurt Quinn.


Krampus has the appearance of a man in his mid-thirties. He has a jagged facial structure and black hair. He has a pair of large dark-gray goat-like horns.

He wears a long-sleeve black shirt with orange flames at the ends of the sleeves, a pair of blue boot cut jeans, a trucker hat, a belt with an giant buckle, and a thumb ring.



A long time ago on a little planet called Earth, Mother Nature and Father Time got married and had two boys. One boy was generous and jolly, the other was hot and fun. The jolly one was named Santa Claus and his brother was named Krampus. One year Mother Nature was going to give Krampus a jet ski for Christmas, but on Christmas Eve, Krampus took Father Time's El Camino without permission and went to an Ugly Kid Joe concert at Red Rocks. So Father Time gave the Jet Ski to Santa Claus instead, in fact, Krampus never got anything that year or any other year after that.

Krampus then spent the next one thousand years on the naughty list. Krampus was so cheesed off with his family that he ran away from home to the desert somewhere outside of San Bernardino. For a thousand years Krampus drank Deadbull energy drinks in "San Bernardeesgusing" and grew jealous of Santa Claus. He also grew two weird horns because of all the Deadbull, and his jealousy turned him into a powerful demon; a twisted, annoying Anti-Santa who hated his brother and everything about Christmas.

Then one day, in the mid-nineties, Krampus lured his brother to the desert with promises of fish tacos, motocross’s, and illegal fireworks. When Santa arrived all he saw was an angry demon brother whose very touch could turn even the goodest boys and girls into Christmas hating dilweeds. Santa and Krampus fought in an epic battle in the ruins of San Bernardino's once mighty outlet mall. Santa defeated his brother and locked him inside in an abandons clothing store call Punk Functions that sold nothing but boot cut jeans, giant belt buckles, thumb rings, trucker hats, and long sleeved shirts with flames on them.

Some say that Krampus is still inside that Punk Functions shop outside of San Bernardino, biding his time, waiting for the chance to strike back at his brother and destroy Christmas forever.

Down Goes Santa: Part 1

After Chapa electrifies Santa Claus, the magic lock that kept Krampus imprisoned vanished and he was freed, intent on getting his revenge against Santa.

Krampus breaks into the Man's Nest and demanded to know where Santa was. Ray and Danger Force tell Krampus to leave, but he refuses to leave until he destroys his brother and Christmas forever. Ray and the Danger Force briefly battle Krampus but his powers are to strong.

Krampus again asks where Santa was and says he can detect his scent all over the Man's Nest. Bose, due to his lack of intelligence, revealed that Santa Claus had left the Man's nest and lost his memory when Chapa shot him down and was now running around without his memory. Krampus thanks Bose and offered him a fist bump, which Bose accepted. Upon knuckle contact, Kampus turned Bose into a dilweed.

At the news station, Mary and Trent just got word that Santa's present bag fell out of they sky and began interviewing Percy and Miriam, who had found the bag after it fell. Krampus shows up and turns Percy and Mary into dilweeds. Ray and Chapa show up to get the bag. When Chapa electrifies him, he seemingly goes down but he was only pretending and turns Trent and Miriam into dilweeds as well, claiming that the heroes won’t be able to save Christmas if there’s nobody left who wants to celebrate it. Ray and Volt escape with the Present Bag.

Down Goes Santa: Part 2

In Down Goes Santa: Part 2, Krampus attends a Santa Party where ShoutOut/Mika and her brother AWOL/Miles are looking for the real Santa Claus. AWOL got the real Santa to the Man's Nest while ShoutOut takes care of Krampus. Krampus later teleported out of the Santa Party and set a trap for the rest of the Danger Force who were guarding Santa. When Miles came back to help Mika they realized he went to the Man's Nest when Bose saw a balloon saying "PARTY TIME". After Krampus tied up Volt/Chapa, Brainstorm/Bose, and Schwoz in a giant charismas bag, Miles and his sister came back just as he left.

After Captain Man returns from using his Jet Ski in Swellview Lake which was frozen. The Danger Force realizes that Krampus took Santa to San Bernardino, the very place where Santa locked his brother. Once they got there, Krampus briefly battles Danger Force, while Captain Man attempted to free Santa. However Krampus had easily defeated them and Santa kept struggling against Captain Man. Just as Captain Man and Krampus were about to fight, Captain Man mentions a Jet Ski with two cupholders, which makes Krampus really jealous because he was suppose to get one for Christmas but his Dad said he was naughty and gave it to Santa. Krampus said he he gotten his Jet Ski for Christmas he wouldn't hate Christmas and be the person he is today.

With some convincing from Danger Force, Captain Man gives Krampus his Jet Ski and he turns good. The only problem left is to fix Santa's memory and give presents to everyone else. Krampus says his dad, Father Time could restore his memory but they haven't spoken in years.

Danger Force restores Chrismas using Bose's Telekinesis to fly the sleight, Mika bottle Krampus put in her has a way to light the night, and Miles' Teleportation to deliver the presents. In the End Krampus was at Lake Havasu riding Krampus's Jet Ski with Ray and Santa.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: Krampus has the power to teleport himself to any location he desires or if someone says "Party Time".
  • Dilweed touch: Krampus has the power to transform any person he touches into a Christmas hating dilweed. It not only affects their personality, but there clothing as well, dressing them in clothing in the same style as Krampus' own; this includes trucker caps, long-sleeve shirts with flames on them, and even tattoos. However, Krampus is unable to transform someone if they are indestructible, like Captain Man. The effect can be undone if the victims Christmas spirit is reignited, such as if they receive a Christmas gift.
  • Conjuration/Summoning: Krampus has the power to conjure objects. He primarily uses this ability to conjure sports drinks.
  • Endurance: Kampus was able to take a blast of electricity from Chapa and remain completely unharmed.
  • Immortality: Kampus has lived for over a thousand years without growing old.


  • When Krampus turns someone into a dilweed, their new favorite holiday is Taco Tuesday.
  • He is the first villain of the Dangerverse to redeem himself.


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