Krampus is the main titular antagonist of the 2019 survival horror online videogame Krampus is Home. Based on the folkloric creature of the same name, Krampus along with his minions kidnap kids they deem naughty and take them back to his lair where they are either enslaved or executed.


Chapter 1

After the Elf appears, Krampus leaves a letter written "you are coming with me" and after Sebastian calls his parents for them to come back is that Krampus finally starts to chase for the first time, unlike the Reindeer and Elf there is no counter to Krampus so the player will have to avoid him failure to do so will result in death. When Sebastian's parents finally come home the Krampus did not give up and successfully kidnapped Sebastian.

Chapter 2

Krampus is the primary threat in this chapter just like in chapter 1 the player will have to evade him by simply running away or it will result in death

Chapter 3

Krampus is seen again with Elf, Reindeer and two Nutcrackers passing through a hallway.

Chapter 4

Krampus patrols the upper floors of the machine as the player attempts to shut it down his behavior remains the same as chapters 1 and 2 after shutting down the machine Krampus gives chase but Sebastian is able to escape from Krampus and return home.

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