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Now, you face your worst nightmare! Prepare to die, fools!
~ Krang beginning his final battle with the Turtles.

Krang is one of the main antagonists of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic series. He is a warlord from Dimension X that seeks to conquer Earth and the entire universe, and one of the first enemies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Much like the Shredder, he is based upon his counterpart from the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, but became far more villainous as the series progressed.


Krang's history is the same as his 1987 counterpart he was a warlord from Dimension X with the only difference is the android body has a different color than the cartoon version. Like the cartoon he teams up with shredder to battle the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles multiple times but later on becomes the ruthless warlord like he was in the later seasons expect far more evil as he caused the death and destruction of Wingnut and Screwloose's planet and species. He would also betray shredder and take over his body to fight the turtles. Krang and his forces goes around destroy most planets in dimension x and feeling the need to get stronger steals shredder's body to kill the turtles and their loved ones not caring about shredder's body taking damage. In the Random house tape versions of the comics he had a much deeper and menacing voice compared to his cartoon counterpart.


Krang will come soon enough...I just hope that no other forms of life come to harm along the way...he doesn't hesitate to kill. He's an evil brain that hasn't a heart by which to weigh the consequences of his actions. Sometimes he scares me.
~ Cherubae describing Krang.

Like his 1987 counterpart, Krang is a power-hungry tyrant who seeks to conquer Earth and the entire universe using all the tools at his disposal. Despite his frail appearance, he is a genius responsible for numerous weapons and devices, including the Technodrome and the Mutagen responsible for creating the Turtles, and is equally capable of creating cunning schemes to overcome his enemies. Although he relies upon Shredder to accomplish his schemes, he is not above belittling him, and the two constantly argue at any opportunity. He is also shown to have a lighter side, watching Intergalactic Wrestling in his spare time.

As the series began to divulge further from the 1987 cartoon, Krang began to take a far more villainous turn, becoming a much deadlier threat. He would become not only a conqueror, but a destroyer of worlds, leaving several destroyed planets in his wake--the most notable example being the planet Huanu, whose people he ruthlessly destroyed, traumatizing the only survivors, Wingnut and Screwloose. His relationship with Shredder also worsens, leading to him forcibly possessing his former partner's body in revenge for his constant failures. He has little if any concern for the consequences of his actions in the pursuit of his goal, selling out the Earth to Maligna in exchange for her assistance. Followed by Null, he is the first villain to actively disgust the Turtles with his heinous actions, making them incredibly driven to bring him to justice.

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