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Sergei Kravinoff, otherwise known as Kraven the Hunter, is a recurring antagonist in the 2010 Marvel Animated Universe. He's an archenemy to White Tiger due to killing her father in order to get the White Tiger amulet, which would grand him incredible powers.

He was voiced by Diedrich Bader.


He is one of the secondary antagonists (along with Taskmaster, Rhino & Arnim Zola) of Ultimate Spider-Man.

He is a major antagonist (alongside Rhino and Electro) of the second season, a minor antagonist of the New Warriors and Contest of Champions arcs in the third season and one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Arnim Zola, Rhino & Hydro-Man) of the Hydra Attacks/The New Sinister Six arc and one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Scorpion) of the Graduation Day arc in the fourth season.



Kraven, in order to prove himself as the greatest hunter, began collecting weapons and tribal magic from all the world but it was nothing compared to the White Tiger amulet. He eventually crossed paths with Hector Ayala the White Tiger before his daughter and hunted him down in order to get the amulet. He murdered Hector but failed to steal the artifact as it was protected by the latter and, later, his daughter Ava who witnessed his death thus resulting in her becoming the next White Tiger and holding a serious grudge against the hunter.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Season 2

Kraven the Hunter

He first appeared when he disrupted the team training led by Ava by making her more feral and aggressive by playing tribal drums. He followed them the next day and kidnapped Nova, Iron Fist, and Power Man by drugging them as to use them as a bait for the feline heroine.

The Sinister Six

Kraven appeared in this episode as a member of Doctor Octopus' team of supervillains called Sinister Six in order to get revenge on Spider-Man for defeating him two episodes earlier.

Return of the Sinister Six

He was broken out of prison.


Kraven was mentioned by Spider-Man along with the actions in his titular episode when Spider-Man tried to get through White Tiger, who was turned into Goblin by Norman Osborn.

Season 3


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