Krax is a minor antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing only in its first installment, Trollhunters. He is a Changeling spy who works for Queen Usurna and gives her information.


Krax infiltrated Trollmarket under Usurna's orders when she arrived. When he went to the shop RotGuts, he purchased all of the gaggletacks so no one could reveal his true form. As Blinky and Claire try to find evidence for a spy in Trollmarket, they go to RotGuts where they learn about Krax buying the Gaggletacks, thus realizing that he is a Changeling. With this knowledge, they go to Krax's house and find the Gaggletacks. When Krax arrives, Blinky uses one of them to expose his true form, and activates a detonator stone so he can tell him who he was working for. However, Krax is blown up in the resulting explosion.

Later on, Krax is indirectly referenced when Usurna reveals to Vendel that she was the changeling's master, shortly before murdering Vendel in cold blood using a Creeper Sun knife.


  • Krax makes a cameo appearance in his human disguise in the episode "Hero with a Thousand Faces" during the Nuñez family's barbecue party.
  • He is one of the few Changelings who seemingly doesn't work for the Janus Order, as he rather works for Usurna.


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