Kreepy Krow is the fifth boss in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and the fourth in Donkey Kong Land 2 who is located in Gloomy Gulch and is an undead ghost version of Krow, the first boss in the game.


When Diddy and Dixie engage battle, they see Kreepy Krow. He sends out three ghost Mini-Neckies flies right at the Kongs, one at a time, from the eggs thrown at the living Krow. After the barrage, a real Mini-Necky appears. Jumping on its head makes a barrel appear. Holding it in front of Kreepy Krow makes him run into it and be weakened. Diddy and Dixie must jump on the hooks, jump to the right, climb the ropes, and avoid the eggs.

Next time, four ghostly Mini-Neckies appear, and then a living one, followed by another ghost. As before, Diddy and Dixie must grab a barrel and it throw at Kreepy Krow, and climb the hooks, ropes, then avoid the eggs. This time, it becomes much more challenging, as eggs fall down from not only from the top of the screen, but also the left and right sides of the screen. If a player is lucky enough to make it to the top, five ghosts appear, then the real one, followed by two ghosts. Diddy and Dixie the barrel and throw it at Kreepy Krow to defeat him. The way he dies is by a barrel being thrown at him and shakes for two seconds and explodes into golden stars.

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