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Krekka is a villain in the 2004 storyline of the BIONICLE series. He is a dimwitted, yet powerful mercenary who served as the member of the Dark Hunters and the member of the Steltian race. He also partnered with his ally, Nidhiki before they assisted Teridax in his quest of enslaving the Matoran of Metru Nui and taking over the island.

He was voiced by Michael Dobson in the animated series.


Krekka is a muscular being with a blue, mechanical body which was also fitted with several white armor pieces. Each of his hands have three fingers. He also have the remaining left, red eye, though he once have two but lost one in an incident and also have three toes on each of his feet.


Early Life

Not much was known of Krekka's past, but it was revealed that he was a member of the Steltian race who lived in the island of Stelt. Being considered as one of the island's lowest class, Krekka was assigned as the guard of the area as his job was to convince the intruders to go away from whatever place he was posted at, often through threatening means.

He was doing his job until one day when the Makuta Gorast came into Stelt, Krekka tries to tell her to turn back to where she came from. However, she refused and proceed to go inside and Krekka then responded by grabbing her and threw her to the wall


Powers & Abilities

Other Appearances



Krekka as he appears in BIONICLE Heroes.

Krekka was one of the bosses that appeared in the 2006 video game, BIONICLE Heroes. He was encountered in the Menacing Keep, which was located in Avak's stronghold. In the level, Avak the member of the Piraka, here assigned Krekka to guard the outside of his stronghold. He was eventually defeated by the player, who later proceed to face Avak in the next area.