Krell is a Klingon warrior introduced in the Star Trek episode "A Private Little War".

He was portrayed by Ned Romero.


Descended from Klingons who had been altered by the Qu'vat virus, Krell was a Quch'Ha Klingon. In 2268, he was working as an operative on the planet Neural. Krell armed a group of the primitive inhabitants with flint lock rifles, devices centuries ahead of their current state of development.

Krell worked with the villager leader Apella to enable the villager leader to dominate the planet, and establish a puppet government loyal to the Klingon Empire. He promised Apella that the Empire would continue to provide further technological advances to the weapons.

After Captain James T. Kirk exposed Krell's interference with the natural development of Neural, the Federation provided the exact same weapons to the hill people in order to maintain the balance of power.

In the 2270s, Krell attempted to capture the refitted USS Enterprise so that the Klingons would have access to the state of the art technologies the Federation flagship had been outfitted with. He was unsuccessful, and his vessel was crippled by the Enterprise. Kirk felt that even though the Empire had disavowed Krell's actions that the relations between the two powers would have to be reconsidered.

By the 2280s, Krell was a General in the Klingon defence force, and brother in law to General Korrd. When Sybok and his Galactic Army of Light took Korrd hostage, Krell ordered Klaa to head to Nimbus III to rescue Korrd.


  • The Klingon General in Star Trek V who ordered Klaa's ship to Nimbus III was not named in the film itself, but was established as being Krell in licensed literature.
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