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Sterling Archer, codename Duchess... known from Berlin to Bangkok as the world's most dangerous spy. So for us, this is, how you say, a 'good get'.
~ Kremenski's first lines.

Kremenski, under the alias Crenshaw, is the first antagonist in Archer. He was a KGB mole agent in ISIS who tried to steal money from Sterling Archer's operations account and escape, but was killed by Archer.

He is the main antagonist of the first episode of the first season, "Mole Hunt".

He was voiced by Shelly Desai.


Early life

Most of Kremenski's life is unknown, but at some point, he was sent by the KGB, presumably Nikolai Jakov, to ISIS as a mole.


Crenshaw is first seen in a training exercise, torturing Archer in a KGB event. As Crenshaw threatens to electrocute Archer with a golf cart battery, he keeps changing accents and Archer taking the exercise seriously, causing Malory angry as she ends the exercise. When Archer tries to kick Crenshaw in the face, he uses the golf cart battery to electrocute his foot.

While Archer was able to break in the ISIS mainframe, Crenshaw is seen entering the elevator, setting off the alarm. Trying to transfer all of his expenses from his account to Crenshaw's and covering up his inappropriate use of his, Crenshaw enters the room and revealing himself to be a KGB operative whose real name is Kremenski. As Kremenski attempts to escape from Archer and Lana, he takes Malory hostage as he threatens Archer to kill her. As Kremenski taunts Archer, he gets an erection, causing Kremenski to freak out and shot several times by Archer. Later, Archer uses Kremenski's betrayal as an excuse to cover up his expenses.


Kremenski is shown to enjoy antagonizing Archer, during their training exercise by simply electrocuting Archer's foot. Despite his nature, he is also shown to be very disturbed by Archer getting an erection at the thought of his own mother dying and feels that everyone mistreats Pam.


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