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The Kremlings are a hostile race of anthropomorphic crocodilians who are often the main antagonists of the Donkey Kong franchise. The vast majority of them are members of the Kremling Krew, led by King K. Rool (with the sole exception being K. Lumsy). Their homeland is the Crocodile Isle and they love their favorite theme park Krazy Kremland. Their main currency is their Kremkoins, which can also be used to gain access to the forbidden area known as the Lost World.


The Kremlings are a advanced crocodilian race. They have crocodile heads, sharp theets, three toes with toenails in foot, tails from any size and scales in bodies.

Exist 3 Kremling subspecies, for example: The Kritter subspecies have vertical pupils in eyes, bipedal torso, pectoral, arms and 4 fingers. The Klaptrap subspecies have quadruped torso, four legs and big mouth. The Krochead subspecies are bigs, have large mouth and various teeths.

Their scales have different colors, as: green, purple, blue, brown, yelow, gray, orange, red and pink. Most Kremlings have yellow bellies, but some them have light tones bellies.

Some Kremlings which are from Kritter subspecies have unusual features as: nipples, navels, rounder eyes, spikes, ears, visible dorsal vertebrae, dark tones stripes in scales and hairs.


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According with Crocodile Isle stages in their aspects, the Kremlings born in Lost World where they were tribal like the Kongs and created ancient booby traps against invaders.

Evolving, already started piracy where is evidenced by their looting and stealing of valuables showed in galleons, chests from Krocodile Kore and treasure caves. The Kloak, Kackle and Krossbones probably were these pirates by are using outlift of same.

When King K. Rool became ruler, the Kremlings also became millitants and advanced in mechanism as such things as airships and submarines. Unfortunately the K. Rool's dictatorship corrupted their society and turned them into a race of wasters when start the waste natural resources of own island and forming the Kremling Krew as invaders where they operate factories in others places.

Confessed by Klubba, the Kremlings are apparently miserable without a leader. Wrinkly tried teach Kremlings in her school to educate it and K. Lumsy is the only regenerated Kremling who refused destroy DK Island.


Types Description
Kritter (subspecies).png
This subspecies is higher in that they form the bulk of the Kremling population. The common Kritters are short-temper with a ability to jump, punch, bite and run fiercely behind the enemy. King K. Rool, Klump, Krusha and other invdividual Kremlings are Kritters. Skinny (most common), fat or small Kritters are weak that can be defeated by any Kongs attack. Muscular, large or burly members are quite invincible to the attacks of weak characters. Although most of the members are male, but two members as Kass and Kalypso are female Kritters. Undead pirates as Kloak and Kackle as Kritters too.
This subspecies are easily domesticated as dogs and known as ideal companions to the Kritters. They are used by Kremling Krew as watchdogs and one of them is domesticate by Kong Family.
This subspecies is primitive from Kremling species. They only appear in the swamps from Crocodile Isle and are used as plataforms and trampolines by Kongs.


  • While it's unclear as to why King K. Rool constantly steals Donkey Kong's hoard of bananas due to his dislike for them, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Viridi believes that the reason the rest of Kremlings want it is because they enjoy eating bananas just as much as the Kong family.
    • However Rare Ltd (former developers of the Donkey Kong Country series) suggests that the reason why King K. Rool wants the hoard is to starve the Kongs to death in order to occupy Donkey Kong's treehouse (although more likely he wanted to the conquer Donkey Kong island).


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