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Time to die you god damn Serval
~ Shirreia threatening to kill Safari, also her most famous quote
~ Krestelfoot's famous quote
Get out of here Stupid
~ Shirreia's famous quote

Krestelfoot and Shirreia are two recurring villains in the Warriors Untold Tales series. They are minor antagonists of the "Rise of the Wildsstory arc. But Krestelfoot also has the occasional heroic acts though, and Shirreia serves as the main protagonist in Forest of Spirits



When he was a kitten, he was playing with Redfoot's kits but his mother, Dusktail was quite worried of him leaving the nusery before he was an apprentice, when he did become an apprentice, he was Bonestripe's apprentice and when he became a warrior, Krestelfoot was playful and strong, a few moons after Mousewillow became a warrior, he was exiled by Beetlestar for killing one of the cats in BeetleClan

Straight after he was exiled, he met a rat named Amikuru, who he saved and nicknamed as Shirreia. Both tried to kill Safari, but were stopped by Ravenfeather. Later they tried to kill the Serval Group, but were also stopped, but by the Serval leader. After that, they went for Frivler, and Shirreia succesfuly killed him (Even though Krestelfoot rarley meets up with her).


When she was a kitten, she saw the vision of the power. Which is created by the Guiders (deceased cats that are similar to StarClan cats, but they can give living cats certain powers). Where one gave her the power to transform into a rat, as a result. She became a wild.

She was hunting next to a snare trap and was rescued by Krestelfoot and nicknamed Shirreia, ever since then, they became psychotic, murderous Partners in Crime (Despite not meeting up with him often).

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