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Skjor died like a bitch. Now it's your turn, doggie.
~ Krev to the Dragonborn
We're getting close. Be careful. Their leader's a tricky one. They call him/her "The Skinner". I don't think I need to tell you why.
~ Aela the Huntress to the Dragonborn

Krev the Skinner is the initial chief of the Silver Hand. He/she is the founder, and is a well-known werewolf hater. Not much is known about Krev's past, although it is known that he/she was formerly a Vigilant of Stendarr beforehand. Krev founded the Silver Hand with his/her friend Colonel August.

He/she serves as the main villain of The Companions story arc in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Krev has become a bitter, hateful man/woman by the time of 4E 201. He/she hates all werewolves, and openly hunts them. When the Dragonborn joins The Companions, Krev traps him/her and Farkas in dustman's cairn, to be killed by Draugr. Krev escapes, but is encountered again later on.

Final Encounter

When the Dragonborn becomes a member of The Circle, and therefore a werewolf, he/she rampages through Whiterun, smashes through the gate, and flees all the way to Eastmarch. Skjor and Aela find him/her here, but Skjor discovers a Silver Hand castle and charges in. Aela and the Dragonborn go after him, and after a long search, find him dead in Krev's "throne room".


The Dragonborn goes into a fit of rage over his/her mentor's death, and begins vigorously slashing at Krev. Krev throws our various insults and counter attacks, but is ultimately caught of guard during the fight and killed.

Krev's legacy is lost when Vilkas and The Dragonborn completely wipe out all of the Silver Hand at the end of the story arc.


  • In some playthroughs, Krev's race and gender are random.


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