Kriminel is alien outlaw and the antagonist of episode 36 of Chouseishin Gransazer. Unlike other villains in the series, he has no relation to the Warp Monarch.


Prior to the events of the episode, Kriminel is implied to have killed Freedo's partner and stolen his pistol. Detecting massive energy levels from Earth, Kriminel headed there to absorb the energy and become more powerful.

Upon his arrival, Kriminel once again fought against Freedo, this time fatally wounding him. However, Freedo's spirit managed to survive for the time being by possessing the body of Shinji Nakao, a friend of Jin. Jin reluctantly partnered with Freedo to take down Kriminel.

Jin later destroyed Kriminel's barrier, allowing Freedo to finish him off. With Kriminel dead, Freedo's spirit left Shinji's body and ascended to the afterlife.


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