Kirwood Krinkle is the central antagonist of the 1975 Disney live action film The Strongest Man in the World. He is the rival of Harriet Crumply and wants to steal the strength formula in order to prevent Medfield from winning.

He was portrayed by the late Phil Silvers.


After Higgins and his friends decide to advertise the powers of the formula cereal by challenging Krinkle Krunch, a rival cereal company run by Krinkle, to a competition between their sponsored weightlifting team and Medfield's to see which cereal can give the other greater strength. Krinkle sponsors the well-funded State College.

Of course, Krinkle has a mole on the inside who tells the Krinkle president about the formula. Hearing this, he hires A.J. Arno and some of his goons just released from prison to steal it. They break in, but are almost caught before they can get it. They then kidnap Schuyler (as no one knows that Dexter's chemical was the vital ingredient of the formula, rather than Schuyler's vitamins). They take him to Chinatown where they use Chinese torture and hypnotism to get the formula. They then hypnotize him to return home and not tell what happened to him. This accidentally causes him to steal a police car, leading to a car chase which gets him thrown in jail. Fortunately, without Dexter's chemical added in, the formula Krinkle Krunch has in the cereal does not give super strength; when the Krinkle president tries it he ends up breaking his hand. While he berates the mole on the phone, the mole realizes that if they do not know that the formula does not work, then Medfield does not know either and will lose the weightlifting competition.

Medfield begins to lose badly, but Dexter uses the last of his super-strength to lift the 1111 pound weight and win it for Crumply Crunch and Medfield, allowing Higgins and Quigley to keep their jobs. Krinkle sneaks away and decides to eat the Crumply cereal and test his strength, but he eats the wrong cereal and breaks his hand in the process, causing him to scream in pain.


  • Despite being the central antagonist, he only has 3 scenes and Harry Crumply is the one who hired Arno to steal the formula.
  • Although Arno is the Big Bad of the franchise, Krinkle serves as the Bigger Bad of The Strongest Man in the World because he had bigger plans than anyone else.


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