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Given enough care and love, even the most lost cause can thrive.
~ Krista Dumont to Dinah Madani.

Krista Dumont is a supporting antagonist in the second season of Marvel's The Punisher, being Billy Russo's therapist turned lover, aiding in his escape, and manipulating Dinah Madani into getting information on The Punisher.

She was portrayed by Floriana Lima, and Reagan Grella as a child.


Early Life

As a young girl, Krista was known to be the daughter of a Vietnam War veteran. However, when her parents got into an argument, her mother wanted a divorce. This sent Krista's father into a state of devastation. Since her father was suffering from mental instability, he was prone to make a very hasty decision. As much as he loved Krista, he didn't want her to be raised by her mother. He leapt through the window, while still holding Krista in his hands. As he bled to death, the only thing that Krista could do was watch in vain as her father died. The memory of this would forever haunt Krista to the point where she would refuse to go near any windows.

Becoming a therapist

Remembering how her father suffered from mental problems, Krista later decide on a career that would allow her to help people who suffered like her father. She would later grow up to be a psychotherapist after graduating from Overton University.

The Punisher (Season 2)

After Billy Russo had been left in a state of pure fear by Frank Castle, Krista decides to help him with his nightmares. Because Billy Russo has no memory of who damaged him, Krista aids him into digging deeper into details.  However, as soon as two guards came to restrain Billy Russo, he fights back, killing them both with surprising effort. Rather than calling for help, she lets Russo escape. 

Keeping Russo in hiding.

Russo, on the run, would later go seek refuge at Krista's home. Instead of still calling the police, she showed complete sympathy and tried to calm him down by pointing to whatever is blue and offering him a drink. Despite him not being trustful of Krista, she manages to be unaffected by his threats.

Falling in love.

While keeping Billy in her home and continuing to help him, she attends another patient named Jake Nelson, another veteran suffering from PTSD. At one point while changing her clothes, she notices that Billy Russo was spying on her from behind. 


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Krista Dumont


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Krista Dumont
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