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Is... this your idea of revenge, Phoenix Wright?
~ Kristoph Gavin
I killed a man named "Smith" with a bottle because I am an evil human being... Isn't that enough?
~ Kristoph Gavin

Kristoph Gavin, known as Kirihito Garyu in the original Japanese version, is the main antagonist of the video game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, but specifically of the cases Turnabout Trump and Turnabout Succession.


Gavin was a famous attorney. He despised Phoenix Wright, because he believed Phoenix used cheap tricks like bluffing to win his cases.

Gavin was hired by a famous magician known as Zak Gramarye, who was being accused of murdering his mentor, Magnifi Gramarye. He wanted to win the case, so much so that he forged a diary page in order to win. However, Zak tested Gavin in a Poker game, which Gavin lost. Zak then fired him, and hired Phoenix Wright in his place. Zak played Poker with Wright as well, but Wright won. Gavin started despising Phoenix even more, as well as Zak, because he couldn't believe he was discarded by such a trivial thing like a Poker game.

Gavin then decided to ruin Wright's career: He told his brother, Klavier Gavin, who would be the prosecutor for that case, that Phoenix would be presenting a piece of forged evidence. He then told Zak's daughter, Trucy Enigmar, to give the evidence to Wright. His plot was successful: Phoenix lost his attorney's badge for presenting a letter he did not know was forged, while Zak Gramarye fled using his magic skills, never to be seen again. Gavin also gave a nailbrusher to the forger's daughter, which contained deadly atroquinine poison, in order to clean up all loose ends. To earn Phoenix's trust, he voted not to disbar Phoenix.

At around this time, he set up the two "time bombs" in Drew Studio: the poisonous stamp that would kill Drew Misham when he sent the yellow envelope, and Vera Misham's nail polish, which would kill her when she became nervous, only to cause her to faint from lack of enough poison. Eventually, he hired Apollo Justice on his law firm.

Years later, he was chatting with Phoenix. When he was about to leave, he saw a very familiar face. A guy calling himself Shadi Smith wanted to take Phoenix in a poker game. But Kristoph immediately recognized him as Zak Gramarye. While Zak hit Olga unconscious, Phoenix called the police, while Kristoph went to kill Zak. After Zak's death, Phoenix covered his head to hide Zak's baldness and called Kristoph to get a defense attorney if he was arrested. In the call, Kristoph was aware that Zak was bald and this made Phoenix suspicious. For his trial, he requested that the defense attorney be Apollo, because he recognized him as the long-lost son of Thalassa Gramarye.

During the trial, Kristoph was Apollo's co-counsel. In his ruse to defend Phoenix, he tried to pin the guilt on Olga, but then decides to falsely confess that he saw Phoenix hitting Shadi. When Kristoph starts testifying against Phoenix, the latter takes over the co-counsel role and instructs Apollo to demonstrate that Kristoph was the murderer. A tainted card was brought as evidence, which Kristoph discards as forged, but his rebuttal and the logic reveal Kristoph as the real murderer. After that he was incarcerated in Solitary Cell 13.


Kristoph has two breakdowns, each of them in a different trial. In Turnabout Trump, when Apollo and Phoenix accuse (and prove) that he killed Shadi Smith/Zak Gramarye, he raises his fist while the lobster and plates that Olga Orly (a witness) dropped levitate behind the witness stand. He then slams his fist on the witness stand, causing the plates and lobster to fall back down.

In Turnabout Succession, his second breakdown starts like the first one: raising and slamming his fist (without the floating objects). However, when he finally discovers that jurists are rendering the verdict, and that Wright had had that idea, he first does his previous breakdown without the plates and lobster. Then, he crosses his arms, his glasses fly off his face, and his hair billows above him while cursing Wright's name. After it has stopped, a broken Kristoph is seen, now with his usually well-cared hair completely disheveled and his mouth twitching, declaring the law to absolute in his objection to the implementation of the jurist system. Apollo, Klavier, and the Judge retort by declaring that the law is in fact full of contradictions and continuosly changing and growing, while Kristoph himself has stopped and thus isn't needed anymore. Finally, after the jury declares Vera Misham not guilty, Gavin goes completely insane in the wake of his defeat and laughs hysterically as he is taken away.


Kristoph's reputation for being the "coolest defense in the West" was well-founded: Both in and out of the courtroom he was incredibly pleasant, obsequious, laid-back, sophisticated, and polite. However, he also had an evil streak a mile wide, and regarded himself to be superior to everyone else. He was willing to manipulate others to reach his own ends, and even poison an innocent girl in doing so.

Underneath his pleasant façade, Gavin was a petty, vindictive, prideful, vain, abusive, elitist and traitorous scumbag who played fast and loose with the laws in order to reach his end goal. He saw others as tools to be manipulated and was incapable of showing any genuine emotion for anyone other than himself, with his relationship with Wright, Justice and even his own brother being purely self serving.

Kristoph was heavily driven by greed and pride, desperate to be the attorney for Zak Gramarye during his murder trial. Due to losing a poker game against him, Kristoph was instead replaced by Phoenix Wright, causing Gavin's rage to manifest to the point where he was willing hire a forger to defame Wright and eventually murder or ruin anyone who knew of his involvement in commissioning the forgery. His only reason for these crimes was because his ego was bruised, showing how narcissistic Gavin really was.

Gavin's pride turned out to be his undoing, as he realized he was being trialed by a jury rather than a judge. Already backed into a corner, he flew off in a rage, verbally lashing out at the judge, Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, and even the jury. This naturally soured their opinion on him and cemented in their eyes his guilt, causing him to be unanimously condemned by the public, putting the final nail in his coffin.

Gavin was also extremely delusional, genuinely believing he was justified in ruining Phoenix's reputation due to losing a client to him. He had black psyche locks, showing that even Gavin wasn't aware he was lying when confronted about this. Ironically for a lawyer, Gavin's logic made no sense to anybody but him, as he believed that anyone disadvantaging him in any way was grounds enough for him to either kill them or destroy their life. It's revealed that breaking the black psyche-locks of a person could cause irreversible damage. As that's what happened to Gavin, it's left unanswered how long he stayed a psychotic wreck after the case ended.


List Of Victims

Murder/attempted murder victims

  • Zak Gramayre/Shadi Smith (killed in revenge for choosing Phoenix Wright over him as a lawyer)
  • Drew Misham (killed for his knowledge of the diary's forger.)
  • Vera Misham (attempted) (poisoned to hide the fact she created the forgery that led to Phoenix being disbarred. Later made a scapegoat for her father's murder.)

Other victims of his actions

  • Phoenix Wright (disbarred due to being presented forged evidence)
  • Trucy Wright (Lost her father due to Kristoph murdering him)
  • Klavier Gavin (Implied to have been psychologically abused as well as being manipulated into causing Phoenix Wright's disbarment.)



  • Gavin is the first villain in the Ace Attorney series to be defeated by Apollo, and the first and only villain Apollo has defeated twice.
  • Kristoph Gavin is the second villain to be defeated by a playable character other than Phoenix.
  • He along with Acro and Joe Darke are some of the only culprits to try and murder a minor.
  • Gavin shares many similarities with the previous antagonists. He is a ruthless perfectionist who starts a years long revenge scheme to ruin the lives of those who had slighted him just as Manfred Von Karma did. He is also a celebrity who uses his persona and fame to afford him luxuries like Matt Engarde. Finally, he is also a sociopath who feigns a friendship with the protagonists to frame them for his crimes just like Dahlia Hawthorne. Like Dahlia, he also manipulates his sibling into helping him with his crimes (though Klavier Gavin was unaware he was being manipulated, unlike Iris.)

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