Krokarr was an alien giant from Marvel comics, an enemy of the Olympian gods and the Thing.


Krokarr, Manduu, and Y'Androgg were all members of a race of giants which came from a star located in the same dimension as Olympus. The trio stealthily invaded Olympus while its gods were suffering from the after-effects of over-celebration during the Spring Festival. The giants banished most of the gods, binding Zeus in the Tower of the Sun, and severely devastated much of Olympus.

Krokarr was frolicking at the Watergate, an area of Olympus marked by elaborate pools and waterfalls, when Hercules, the Thing, and Zeus flew up in a chariot pulled by a flying pegasus. Deducing that Zeus' presence meant that both Manduu and Y'Androgg had been defeated, Krokarr redirected the flow of water from a waterfall through his hands and into a blast which knocked the chariot from the air. However, Zeus caused the chariot to catch all the falling heroes, and immediately froze Krokarr inside a block of ice.

Following Krokarr's defeat, the missing Gods of Olympus began to emerge from the Watergate.