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Look, man--it's not my fault I kill families... mine neglected me! They used me as a fashion accessory--'cos it was the trendy thing to have kids! When they got bored, they left me in the charge of a robot! Mom couldn't be bothered to program it--so it defaulted to vet mode! D'you know what it's like to be fitted with a collar, live in a kennel, and be fed on dog meat?!
~ Kron Stone giving his excuse for killing families to Jake Gallows.
As I live and breathe... or whatever it is... I do... Miguel O'Hara... and Tyler Stone... together again. We... I get to kill you... at the same time... How awfully... awfully... considerate. To show my appreciation... I'll kill you slowly.
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Miguel O'Hara.

Kron Stone, also known as Venom 2099, is an antagonist in Marvel Comics, being the first antagonist of the "Punisher 2099" comic book series and a major antagonist of the "Spider-Man 2099'" comic book series.

He is the son of Tyler Stone, a high-ranking executive officer at Alchemax. He has been Miguel O’Hara’s most personal archenemy from the moment they first met each other at the Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters, and has been responsible for causing Miguel great hardship and grief by murdering Dana D’Angelo, Miguel’s fiancée.

He started out as the Punisher 2099’s first villain, but he was left for dead by the second issue. After that, he made appearances in "Spider-Man 2099" as Miguel’s first villain in the "Young Miguel O'Hara" storyline and then as Venom 2099 in the present day.


Your boy is a bully and a thug... and the day my husband apologizes to him, or you, will be a cold day in Hell!
~ Conchata O'Hara to Tyler Stone about Kron Stone's behavior and character.

As a boy, Kron Stone was a vicious bully. When Miguel O'Hara first showed up at the Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters, Kron started bullying him by pouring water on Miguel at the entrance, and then tried drowning Miguel in the school's swimming pool, pulling down his pants in the middle of a soccer game and finally trying to knife him. He also beat up Gabriel O’Hara just for accidentally bumping into him. He has very little respect for anybody, let alone authority figures, as demonstrated when he tried to knife the headmistress Angela Daskalakis and insulted her gender because she insisted on him apologizing to Miguel for pouring water on him. His attack on the headmistress also demonstrated his predilection for violence. As a result of being the son of a high-level executive officer at Alchemax, he was very entitled, as shown when George O'Hara grabbed him for attacking Gabriel and him and then telling his father Tyler to make George apologize instead for something Kron himself started. He revealed himself to be paranoid when he confronted Xina Kwan in the shower at knifepoint, claiming that he knew that Miguel and Xina were plotting against him. (In reality, Xina was trying to tell Miguel to stop being Kron's victim and Miguel just wanted to avoid getting into a fight in the first place.) He revealed himself to be sexually perverted when he tried to sexually assault Xina at knifepoint in the girls' locker room. When Miguel finally tried to fight back, Kron expressed excitement and a bloodthirsty attitude. He also proved to be very sadistic, such as when he tried to beat Miguel to death with his fists while Miguel was helpless. He is not above fighting dirty, as shown when he cowardly tried to hit Angela Daskalakis with a baseball bat the minute she turned her back on him. As for his father, he enjoyed using him as a shield to protect him from any and all consequences and as a weapon to force anyone who tried to stop him into submission. Even so, he still hated his father on a personal level and had no qualms about insulting and yelling at him whenever his father failed at doing those things.

Kron kept all of the above traits and became even worse once he reached adulthood. By that time, he had become the leader of a gang called the Skin Posse and led them on a series of killings targeting happy families. By the time he and his gang murdered Jake Gallows' family, he had become so delusional that he believed that happy families were full of lies and that killing them was a favor. He had become so erratic that he refused to kill Jake because Jake no longer had a family. He showed his smugness and cruelty by cheerfully telling Jake that human life was cheaper than the suit that he wore, easily paying off the fine with his black card (which grants him unlimited funds) and telling Jake that he would have gotten over the deaths of his family by that evening. He was so arrogant that he was shocked that Jake would try to strangle him right then and there for that.

At the Grav Park, Kron showed that he was willing to kill a group of kids because he thinks that the kids should never have been brought into the world in the first place. By that point, his entire gang had been killed off by Jake, but his lack of reaction to that development indicates that he never cared about any of them in the first place and probably saw them as tools to be bought, used and disposed of. He was smart enough to figure out that Jake intended to avenge the deaths of his family, but his lack of empathy led him to believe that Jake should have gotten over them after a few months. In their final confrontation, Kron proved to be so cowardly that he did not even try to fight back as he started bawling like a baby and telling Jake all about his bad childhood.

When Kron bonded with the Venom symbiote, he needed time to recover from his injuries and adapt to the symbiote, so he strategically faked his death and hid in the sewers. He did not come out until he heard that his father had been shot and was in a coma in a hospital bed. He decided to make one last attempt at killing his father personally, implying that he had tried to kill his father more than once. When he found Miguel O'Hara with Tyler Stone, he showed his opportunistic side by trying to kill them both. Remarkably, Venom and its host usually refers to themselves as "We," but Kron says, “We... I,", which indicates that he is much more assertive about being in control than the average host. Having said that, he and the symbiote were more than willing to kill Spider-Man, which may be why he referred to himself as "We" that time. His bond to the symbiote apparently made him much more focused on Spider-Man, but he did not hesitate to slaughter anyone who got in his way. When Spider-Man used sound to separate Kron from the symbiote, Kron once again showed his cowardice by trying to beg for mercy.


Early Years

Kron Stone was born in Nueva York, United States of America as the son of Tyler Stone (Vice President in charge of Alchemax's Research & Development department and a member of Alchemax's Board of Directors) and Nancy Herod-Stone (daughter of John Herod, the leader of the Chicago Reserve). He was born into wealth and privilege, but he did not have a happy childhood. According to Kron, his family neglected him and only had him so that he could be their latest fashion accessory, and then when they got bored, they left him with a caretaker droid, but his mother hadn’t programmed it properly, so it treated him like a dog, complete with a collar, kennel, dog meat and everything. It is not clear when this happened to him or how long it lasted before it stopped.

Alchemax's School for Gifted Youngsters

During his childhood, he was expelled from many schools for violent behavior. Eventually, he was sent to Alchemax's School for Gifted Youngsters. He quickly built a reputation for being very bright but erratic. He did not make any friends at the school, probably because of that reputation.

When Miguel O'Hara first showed up at the school, Kron pranked him by pouring water all over him just outside the school's entrance. As a result, Angela Daskalakis, the headmistress, confronted him and demanded that he apologize to Miguel. When he refused, she grabbed him by the hair and he tried to knife her, but she easily countered his attack and smashed his face into a wall. After that, he went to Miguel, apologized to him, shook hands with him and walked away. However, he later tried unsuccessfully to drown Miguel in the swimming pool.

On Family Visiting Day, Gabriel, Miguel's brother, ran around and accidentally bumped in Kron. Kron responded by throwing Gabriel into a tree and beating him up. Conchata, Miguel and Gabriel's mother, slapped Kron in the face, and then Kron made the big mistake of taunting George, their father, and throwing a rock at him. George grabbed Kron and threatened to beat him up, but Kron’s parents, Tyler and Nancy, showed up. George told Kron to apologize to Gabriel, but Kron denied everything and told Tyler to make George apologize to him. However, Conchata got in his face and made it very plain that George would never apologize to Tyler or Kron. Kron was shocked when Tyler decided to drop the argument and told him to behave himself from now on, but he had no choice but to comply.

During one soccer game, Kron and Miguel were on opposite teams. Kron taunted Miguel, but he slipped and fell face-first to the ground. Miguel thought he had gotten the better of Kron, but he retaliated by pulling down Miguel's shorts in front of everybody. Miguel yelled at him, but Kron claimed that he couldn't take a joke and he dared him to do something about it. Miguel was going to throw a punch, but he turned and ran, prompting Kron to laugh at him. The coach told Kron to do fifty push-ups, but Kron simply told him to talk to his father about that. Kron saw the coach send Xina Kwan to round up Miguel and everyone else to the showers as he prepared to have a private chat with him.

Later that night, Kron went into the girls' locker room and confronted Xina in the shower. He demanded to know what she said to Miguel, but she refused to tell him anything. He pulled out a knife, accused her of plotting together with Miguel against him, and threatened to murder her. He yanked the towel off her and saw her naked. While he was distracted, Miguel attacked him from behind. However, Kron quickly turned the tables and tried to knife him. He was thrilled to see Miguel finally taking him on and was irritated that Miguel didn't seem to realize that Kron wanted him dead. He easily knocked out Xina when she tried to grab him from behind. Miguel temporarily got away from him by causing Kron to slip and slide on a basketful of balls, but Kron cornered him in the showers. Just when Kron was about to stab him, Miguel hit a button that turned on the showers and blinded Kron long enough to knock him over and lose the knife. Miguel wanted to end the fight at that point, but Kron simply knocked him to the ground and beat him up while taunting him for trying to take him on. At that moment, Angela Daskalakis showed up, grabbed him by the hair and threw him into a nearby container. He grabbed a bat and tried to hit her with it while her back was turned, but she easily countered his attack and then broke his arm. She told him to use an ice pack on that arm and that a committee meeting would be held and that he would be expelled. He promised that his father would eat her alive and that she was a dead woman, but she was not worried.

At the committee meeting, Kron sat back, watched as Xina gave an account of the incident in the girls' locker room, and smirked as Tyler defended him. Just when the meeting was about to be terminated, Miguel showed up, irritating Kron. As Miguel came out and told everyone about Kron's attempts to murder him, Kron went right up and tried to intimidate him. However, Miguel tricked him into admitting that he wasn't wearing his skull-head ring when he tried to drown him. This enraged Kron so much that he attacked Miguel right in front of everyone, which gave the committee the evidence that they needed to expel him.

Kron fully expected Tyler to force Angela Daskalakis to let him stay at the school, but Angela successfully thwarted him. Kron yelled at his father for failing him, but Tyler silenced him by slapping him. He was told to pack his things and be ready to leave in half an hour.

The Skin Posse

Years later, Kron had reached adulthood. At an unspecified point in time, he started a gang called the Skin Posse and recruited three people into it. Together, the gang of four went on a series of serial killings targeting happy families. One day at the zoo, they found a happy family in the form of Jake Gallows, his mother, his brother, Baldur, and his sister-in-law, Astra. Kron seethed at their happiness, smiles, laughter and (perceived) lies before he ordered the gang to attack. Kron personally gunned down Baldur with his microwave gun. When Jake fought back and shot one of the members dead, Kron ordered them to shoot Gallows in the legs. Kron went up to Jake's mother and personally gunned her down with a big grin. Astra, a psychology major, tried to reason with him, but he embraced her and told her that he knows that they are just pretending to be a happy family. She insisted that they were a happy family, but he responded that he knows that families do cruel things behind closed doors. She insisted again that they were a happy family, but he responded that it wouldn't last and that he must give her a "mercy kill" before she becomes disillusioned. So he personally gunned her down with a big grin on his face. Jake tried to attack him, but with his wounded legs, the Skin Posse easily subdued him. Jake begged them to kill him too, but Kron refused, saying that his work was done, that they were no longer a family and that he had nothing personal against Jake.

A short time later, Kron was caught and arrested by the Public Eye and then put on trial. He was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of 2.2 mega dollars and micro-brain surgery to cure his anti-social behavior. He smugly greeted Jake in the courtroom, said that human life was so much cheaper than the suit he was currently wearing, and easily paid for the fine with his black card. He put a hand on Jake's shoulder and said that he knew how Jake must be feeling, but time was a great healer and that he would call him in the the evening because he was sure that Jake would have gotten over it by then. That was a big mistake, because Jake grabbed him by the throat and tried to strangle him on the spot. After the police pulled Jake off him, Kron was swiftly escorted out of the building.

Months later, Kron and the Skin Posse went to the Grav Park. As they watched children playing in the No-Grav Ring, he commented on how happy and free the children were. He gunned the man controlling the machine down with a big grin. He claimed that he loved children and that was why he was going to turn the machine off and kill the children. At that moment, Jake showed up and shot the remaining members of the Skin Posse dead. Kron guessed that Jake was trying to avenge the deaths of his family, but he said that Jake should have gotten over it by now. He switched the machine off, and when Jake pointed out that they were just kids, Kron simply retorted that children shouldn't be brought into this terrible world and that they would be better off dead. Jake quickly switched the machine back on and prepared to shoot Kron. However, Kron pointed out the child who had ended up outside the machine and was currently falling to his death. Kron taunted Jake and asked him if he was going to let the child die or save him. Jake chose to save the child and then tried to shoot Kron from a distance. Kron complimented him on his marksmanship, but also revealed that he used his black card to buy velocity-repellent armor, which has the ability to generate a force field that will cause anything that comes at him too fast (such as bullets) to bounce off. As he got into his car, he bragged that the brain surgery that was supposed to cure his behavior never took place, because the surgeon was a fellow black card holder and black card holders would never turn on each other. Before he took off, he taunted Jake one last time about being arrest-proof, bulletproof, blast-proof and punishment-proof.

Later that day, Kron went to King's Plaza, Brooklyn to buy a slim-synth burger with his black card. Unbeknownst to him, Jake had the resources necessary to find out his location via his purchase and get there in less than three minutes. Jake ambushed Kron in an alley and whacked him in the face with his power bat. Kron switched on his armor and mocked Jake for forgetting that practically nothing could get through his armor. However, he realized at that moment that he was alone, unarmed and trapped. He started bawling, and told Jake about his parent's neglect, about his parents using him as a fashion accessory (blaming society) and about being treated like a dog by a caretaker droid (blaming his mother) in the hopes that Jake would sympathize with him. Unfortunately for him, Jake rejected his excuse and took out a knife. Kron was confused until Jake explained that his armor only protected from fast-moving objects, but if he stabbed him slowly, it would go in without a problem. So Jake slowly stabbed him in the heart and seemingly ended Kron's life.

Kron and the Venom Symbiote

In spite of appearances, Kron's story did not end there. After Jake stabbed him in the heart, he dumped him down the nearest sewer hole. Kron floated down the sewer and was going to die in a few minutes. As luck would have it, the Venom symbiote was attached to the wall and he touched it. It had mutated over the decades and was waiting for a living human host, and Kron became that host. It took a while for it to bond with him due to the mutation, but it saved his life. It introduced itself as Venom and he thought that the name was catchy. He went out the sewer, killed a vagrant, used his acid to reduce him to a skeleton, left his I.D. on the body and made an anonymous call to the authorities. He did this to fake his death. However, it was his first murder as Venom and he was exhausted. It took time for Kron’s body and Venom to adapt to each other, so they went back to the sewer. They stayed hidden until they heard that Tyler Stone had been shot and was in a coma. They decided that now was the time to make one last attempt to kill Tyler.

When Kron heard the news about his father, he came out of the sewers in Downtown to ask two members of the Fenris Gang some questions about it. One of them, calling himself Bloodmace, tried to attack him, but Kron easily dissolved him into a skeleton. He asked the other member if he would have to repeat himself, and that member said he would tell him anything he wanted to know.

Kron got into St. Teresa Hospital by going through the pipes and coming out a faucet in a bathroom. He surprised a maintenance man and most likely murdered him. He went into the room that Tyler was in and announced himself, surprising Miguel O'Hara and Dana. Miguel tried to punch him, but he quickly learned about the acid that Kron was secreting through his skin. Miguel quickly ran out of the room, and Kron taunted him for being a coward. Dana tried to get between Kron and Tyler, but Kron easily threw her aside. He was about to murder Tyler when Spider-Man stopped him. Venom, remembering that it and its previous host fought a different Spider-Man decades ago, declared that it would kill Spider-Man and win this time.

Spider-Man and Venom crashed through the window and ended up outside the hospital. Spider-Man gave him a few punches and kicks and let him fall straight down to the ground. However, Venom simply reformed and began climbing up the wall, taunting him for such a poor attempt. Venom started to chase after Spider-Man, but he quickly figured out that Spider-Man was trying to get him to follow him, so he smashed through another window of the hospital to make Spider-Man follow him. He killed a doctor with his acid and took his lab coat, and threatened to rip Spider-Man's heart out. Spider-Man tried to cover him with webbing, but Venom simply threw the webbing back at him. Venom grabbed Spider-Man and threw him out another window while imitating a doctor with a German accent. He went into an elevator and killed a couple who were in the elevator. He went back to floor and smashed his way into Tyler Stone's room, only to encounter three SHIELD troopers. He easily killed them and a full squad of SHIELD troopers charged in. He grabbed a pair of their guns and gunned them down. He fled the hospital. Venom showed up later at the Alchemax Building and murdered Winston, Miguel O'Hara's assistant. When Xina and Dana came into the room and discovered Winston’s corpse, he grabbed them and waited for Miguel to charge in. He told Miguel that he had five seconds to decide which one gets to live or he would just kill them both.

Miguel chose Xina, and Venom prepared to kill Dana as he commented that both women had four-letter names and ended with "na". Miguel sliced off the arm holding Dana, surprising Venom. Venom assumed that Miguel was carrying a concealed weapon. He chased after Miguel, who had closed the door behind him. Venom tried ramming the door, but then he decided to just take Xina and smash his way through the floors to the garage. He reached the garage and found Dana there, so he snatched her, put them in Xina's car and forced Xina to start driving. Dana tried to convince Venom to let Xina go, which prompted Xina to argue that Venom should let Dana go, but Venom told them to shut up and watch the road. The two woman said that they thought was somehow familiar, and Venom responded by grabbing their heads and yelling at them to keep their eyes at the front or he would peel their skin off. SHIELD troopers showed up on flying vehicles and ordered Venom to surrender and keep his hands where they could see them. Venom simply stood up on the back part of the car, formed his hands into maces and used them to destroy the vehicles. Xina swerved to avoid hitting a SHIELD trooper and the car fell off the bridge. Fortunately, Spider-Man used his webbing to catch the car without crashing. However, Venom threw Spider-Man aside, grabbed the two women and ran into the Escher Club. Dana managed to successfully distract Venom long enough for Xina to get away. SHIELD troopers fired dozens of shots into Venom and ceased fire, thinking that they got him. However, he revealed that the shots went through him and hit Dana instead. He fled the Escher Club.

Venom stayed on a rooftop as he heard an announcement warning the public to stay away from Venom and call the authorities if they see him. After some time passed, he decided to make his move, but before he could, he was bombarded by a loud sound. He destroyed one of the loudspeakers emitting the sound, but it became clear to him that the sound was being broadcasted from loudspeakers everywhere. Spider-Man came in and began putting the beating on Venom. Venom found himself unable to shapeshift. He tried to run, but Spider-Man simply pulled him back with his webbing. Spider-Man was about to finish Venom off, when he discovered that there was a human host in there. Kron tried saying that he gave up and begged him to turn the sound off. He even begged for mercy. Spider-Man grabbed Venom by the throat and was going to finish him off, but then the symbiote separated from its host and he shocked to see that the host was none other than Kron, his childhood bully and half-brother.


Kron and the symbiote were brought back to the Alchemax Building lab and locked in separate tanks for study. Miguel paid a visit to the lab, and found Kron yelling and making threats. Miguel told the staff to clear the room and leave him alone with Kron for a few minutes. Miguel tried to ask Kron some questions, but Kron insulted and threatened him. Miguel reminded him that he is of scientific interest because of his bond with the symbiote and that he has the blood of innocent people on his hands, including people that Miguel loved. Kron made a sarcastic statement of sympathy and called him gutless. In response, Miguel let Kron out of the tank, challenged him to a fight and made a deal, that if Kron won, he could walk out, but if Miguel won, Kron had to answer questions. Kron took the deal, because he was so sure that he could beat Miguel easily. Unfortunately for Kron, Miguel was also Spider-Man and easily outclassed him. After being beaten up a little, Kron tried saying that he would talk, but Miguel made it clear that this was not just about making Kron talk, as it was also about making Kron suffer and scream for all the people that he killed. Once Miguel was finished, he put Kron back in the tank and let the staff back in. The staff were shocked to see Kron beaten up and he asked them what they wanted to know. In the end, he recounted the events between his encounter with the Punisher and his emergence from the sewers for the staff and, by extension, Miguel.

Some time later, Tyler Stone, hoverchair-bound, went to the lab to see Kron. Kron sarcastically greeted his father. His father wanted to know if it was really his son. The technician explained that the symbiote bonded with its host to a molecular level and that Kron had acquired the traits of the symbiote. Tyler interrupted and repeated the question. The technician confirmed that it was really his son. Upon hearing this, Tyler ordered Kron killed. Kron started to shout insults at his father, and Tyler explained that Kron had no legal status due to being declared legally dead, and that Kron was nothing more than a lab animal to be put down. However, the technician refused the order, because Miguel was in charge of Alchemax, not Tyler. So Tyler left to talk to Miguel about this. Fortunately for Kron, Miguel remained in charge of Alchemax and refused to kill him.

Powers and Abilities

As a boy, he had learned to use his fists, a knife and a bat as weapons. Later on, he developed a proficiency with guns. Due to being the son of Tyler Stone and his black card, he had more than enough resources, technologies and wealth to form a gang of killers, buy velocity-repellent armour, and buy his way out of any and all legal punishments.

  • Venom Symbiote: Thanks to his bond with the Venom symbiote, Kron gained the following abilities:
    • Superhuman Strength: Kron can stop Bloodmace's blow with one hand, smash through doors, ceilings and floors easily, as well as carry Dana and Xina in each arm without any effort.
    • Superhuman Speed: Kron can run and operate at superhuman speeds, such as when he threw Spider-Man's webbing back at him so fast.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Kron can operate or maintain his movements for hours without exhausting himself.
    • Superhuman Durability: Kron can easily shrug off punches, kicks, bullets and lasers. He can also shrug off being thrown off a tall building and hitting the ground below. He can have his hand sliced off and react in pain, but he will still shrug it off.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: If Kron is thrown off a tall building and hits the ground below, he will splat into a puddle and then just reform himself. He can have his hand sliced off and will regenerate it whenever he chooses. He can be shot dozens of times and will regenerate from it.
    • Superhuman Agility: Kron’s agility, balance, and bodily coordination are quite enhanced, such as when he leaped from Xina's car to attack the SHIELD troopers in their flying vehicles.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Kron’s reflexes are similarly enhanced, such as when he threw Spider-Man's webbing back at him.
    • Acidic Blood and Saliva: Kron can secrete acid from his skin. This acid can reduce a human to a skeleton in minutes. Not even Spider-Man’s costume is insulated from this.


Is that the new kid’s name? Sounds wimpy. I wish you weren’t disturbing me, Angie. You know how hard I’m trying to study these days.
~ Kron Stone making his dislike for Miguel and disrespect for Angela Daskalakis clear.
Yeah, well I'm the one who dumped water on you. Just wanted to say I was sorry. It was just, y’know, a joke. No hard feelings.
~ Kron Stone apologizing to Miguel O'Hara, but not because he is actually sorry.
'Oh, the tough dad of the family! Your whining brats take after you?
~ Kron Stone picking a fight with George O'Hara.
Make him apologize, Dad. He shoved me around! He's gotta apologize!
~ Kron Stone telling Tyler to make George O'Hara apologize.
Wassamatter, O'Hara? Can’t take a joke? Or are ya gonna do somethin’ about it?
~ Kron Stone daring Miguel O’Hara to fight him.
You'll what? Scream? Like I care. You think I don't know about you and little Miguel plotting against me. Well, today I show you what happens to people who get in my way.
~ Kron Stone threatening Xina Kwan with a knife.
C'mon, Xina... lessee what’cha got. Probably ain’t all that much, right? So what're ya shy about?
~ Kron Stone preparing to yank the towel off Xina Kwan at knifepoint.
Oh, that was cute, O'Hara. That was real cute. Almost as cute as running into a dead end. Looks like you're gonna hit the showers, O'Hara... piece by piece.
~ Kron Stone cornering Miguel O'Hara in the showers.
Y'see what happens when you stick your neck out, and try to be a hero?! This! And this and--.
~ Kron Stone giving Miguel O'Hara a beatdown.
My father'll eat you alive! You're dead, lady! Dead!
~ Kron Stone threatening Angela Daskalakis for breaking his arm and announcing her intention to expel him.
You candy butt! You let her push you around! You--!
~ Kron Stone making the big mistake of mouthing off at Tyler Stone.
There's one... a happy family... the smiles... the laughter... the lies!
~ Kron Stone setting his sights on the Gallows family.
I can't hear anymore of this. It's making me sick. Let's hit them now, Skin Posse!
~ Kron Stone ordering the Skin Posse to attack the Gallows family.
No... my work is done. You're no longer a family. I have nothing personal against you, officer.
~ Kron Stone refusing to kill Jake Gallows and explaining why.
Jake! Good to see you... glad you could make it... human life--cheap, isn't it? I paid more for this suit. Here officer... take my black card. I know how you must be feeling, Jake... time is a great healer... I'll phone you this evening. You'll have gotten over it by then.
~ Kron Stone taunting Jake about killing his family in the courtroom.
Yes... they shouldn't have to go home to their... parents! It's because I love children I must do this... I want them to have fun for the rest of their lives... all five seconds of it!
~ Kron Stone preparing to murder an entire group of kids in the Grav Park.
Why, "Mr. Angry" has been following us! What are you grumpy about now? It can't be your family--I killed them months ago...! You should have gotten over it by now!
~ Kron Stone, unable to comprehend that Jake Gallows loves his family and intends to avenge them.
Can't you understand? I'm doing them a favor! Children shouldn't be brought into this terrible world! They'd be better off dead!
~ Kron Stone justifying his attempt to murder the kids to Jake Gallows.
So shall we fight and let the brat die...? Or will you rescue him instead...? You couldn't save your own family... perhaps you can't save him either! Well...? What are you going to do?
~ Kron Stone presenting Jake's options to him as mockingly as possible.
Nice shooting, Jake. But you're wasting your time…my new armor is the best a black card can buy...velo-repellent...anything that comes at me too fast just doesn't hit the mark. You’re probably puzzling about my behavior... well... the corrective surgery to cure my murderous tendencies never took place... possibly because the surgeon's a brother black carder. I’m arrest-proof... bullet-proof... blast-proof... and punishment-proof...byee!
~ Kron Stone getting away as he taunts Jake Gallows.
So old…Stone Heart…went down, huh? Details, morons. I want…details.
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, demanding details about Tyler Stone from Fenris Gang members.
You? We…I…know you…back when we are another…and you were another…the players may have changed…but the game’s the same…who wins…who dies…and this time…this time…the winner will be…VENOM!!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, remembering Peter Parker and Eddie Brock as he begins his fight with Spider-Man.
That’s it? After all this time…all this hate…is that the best…you can do?
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, mocking Spider-Man for thinking that dropping him off a tall building was all it would take to beat him.
That’s very impressive…the way you do that flying thing. If we…I wanted to play your game…I’d be coming right after you. But I think I’d rather have you…come after me!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, making it clear to Spider-Man that he is not an idiot.
C’mon…lemme listen to your heart…by pulling it out of your chest…so I can hear it better!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, threatening Spider-Man.
Ach! Zis patient is nein in good shape! Ze prognosis is…terminal! Next!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, pretending to be a German doctor as throws Spider-Man around.
Don’t worry……the situation’s under control. Or at least as controlled as a corpse can make it. Whooaaah! Good thing you’re…in a hospital, huh?
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to a squad of SHIELD troopers.
Sorry to interrupt…your life….
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Winston before he murders him.
Miggy, Miggy, Miggy…it’s great seeing you again…and I have to tell you…this is gonna be fun…you see these two? One of ‘em gets to live…on your say-so…while the other dies. You’ve got five seconds to decide…or I’ll just kill them…both. Choose.
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Miguel O’Hara as he holds Dana D’Angelo and Xina Kwan hostage.
Xina lives? All right…then Dana dies. Both four-letter names…end in “na”…they’re interchangeable…really….
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, preparing to kill Dana D’Angelo.
Cute, Miguel... what, you packing... some sort of... concealed weapon... bet mine... is bigger.... You think this door can stop me? You think you can stop me? You think anything can stop me? Well you keep... right on thinking that!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Miguel O’Hara as he and Dana D’Angelo run for it.
Well, now isn't that something! We're a threesome again!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, catches Dana D’Angelo again while he is carrying Xina Kwan.
Would you ladies…shut up…and watch the road, please?
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, in response to Dana D’Angelo and Xina Kwan’s bickering.
We…I said eyes front…or I peel the skin off you right now!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, in response to Dana D’Angelo and Xina Kwan’s comments that he is somehow familiar to them.
He spikes it! And the crowd goes…wild!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, making jokes as he destroys a SHIELD trooper’s flying vehicle.
I’ve got…these girls…Spider-Man…go get your own!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Spider-Man as he runs off with Dana D’Angelo and Xina Kwan.
This place is great…and the food is…to die for…a last dance, girls! And what partners…Miguel’s lover…Tyler’s lover…love is all around….
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Dana D’Angelo and Xina Kwan in the Escher Club.
You…diiiid? Actually…your shots…went through me…but don’t worry…something behind me……stopped them…for you….
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, reveals that not only did the shots have no effect on him, but he also made sure Dana D’Angelo got hit.
This game’s gone on far too long. It’s time to remove some players from the board, starting with….
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, getting bored and preparing to make his move.
And still…that sound! Everywhere! It’s every-shockin’-where! Turn it OFF!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, being bombarded by sound.
You! You’re behind this! You think some…some noise…is going to stop us!
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Spider-Man while being bombarded by sound.
I…give up…just…just turn the sound off…it’s…tearing us apartplease….
~ Kron Stone, as Venom, to Spider-Man as the symbiote become separates from him.
Pretty smug, ain’t’cha, O’Hara. Just like when we were in school. Be a lot less smug with my hand at your throat!
~ Kron Stone threatening Miguel O’Hara.
Awww. Poor baby. You’re gutless, O’Hara! Always were!
~ Kron Stone mocking Miguel O’Hara.
It all started with the Punisher. He killed me……or tried to. I don’t blame for making the mistake. I sure passed for dead. Given a little more time, I would’ve been. But the Punisher, he wasn’t wasting time. So he tossed me down the nearest sewer hole. I floated away, not breathing, not…anything. A few more minutes, prob’ly, and I’m gone. And then I brushed up against…it. It had been there for years…mutating from an earlier…incarnation…waiting for a living human host……and for the final few seconds, I filled the bill. Took a little while. Like I said…it had mutated. It said its name was…Venom. Catchy. I came out of the sewer, newborn…found some bum…fried him…then left my I.D. on him and placed an anonymous call to the authorities. But it was my first kill, and I was exhausted. It took my body time to adapt to the symbiote, and it to me. So we hid back down in the sewer…until we heard about our father getting shot. We couldn’t let him die without taking one last try at killing him ourselves.
~ Kron Stone explaining how he went from being stabbed in the heart to coming back as Venom.
Well, well, well... look who's here. You never looked better, Dad.
~ Kron Stone mockingly greeting Tyler Stone.
You cold-blooded creep! You son of a--.
~ Kron Stone, enraged that Tyler Stone ordered his death without a qualm.



  • Kron Stone was created by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, and Tom Morgan (comics).
  • Due to mutations spanning decades, the Venom symbiote had changed its appearance considerably. The symbiote had dark blue skin (although one issue portrayed the symbiote as having black skin with sickly green outlines), five toes with claws on each foot, an extra claw on each ankle, a white face resembling a skull with ridges at the top, glowing red eyes, teeth on the tongue and a solid white plate in the shape of spider with eight legs (six legs attach to another plate on his back and the other two wrap around his arms.)
  • Kron claims that his mother couldn't be bothered to program the caretaker droid. However, the Young Miguel O'Hara storyline shows that his mother is a woman trapped in a loveless marriage and too scared to contradict her obviously controlling and abusive husband. So it is more likely that Tyler Stone told her not to program the droid and that she was too scared to defy his orders.
  • At one point, Miguel O'Hara explicitly refers to the symbiote as a Xenomorph. This is likely a reference to the Xenomorphs.
  • Venom usually says "We" due to the bond between the symbiote and its human host, but Kron says "We... I" nine times out of ten. This may show that Kron is more bonded to the symbiote than Eddie Brock ever was, but not to the extent that Cletus Kasady was bonded to Carnage. Alternatively, this may show that Kron is unusually assertive and dominating for a human host.
  • In Spider-Man 2099, Kron Stone never found out that Miguel O'Hara and Gabriel O'Hara were his half-brothers. Not that it would have improved his relationships with them in any case.
  • While Kron was bonded to the symbiote, Xina Kwan and Dana D'Angelo said that there was something familiar about him. It makes sense for Xina to say that because she and Kron attended the same school, but not for Dana, because there is no indication that she attended the same school, let alone met him.
  • Even though Kron is the son of Tyler Stone, there is no indication or mention whatsoever of his job at Alchemax. This may imply that Tyler distanced Kron from Alchemax business, which is understandable considering Kron’s violence and temper.


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