The Kronan Marauder

Kronan! Kronan! Kronan!
~ The Marauders cheering for the Kronan Marauder.

The Kronan Marauder is a minor antagonist in the 2013 Marvel film Thor: The Dark World. He is a member of the Marauders and one of Duhg's champions.


Following the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge and the deaths of the Frost Giants, the Nine Realms were left unprotected, which allowed the Maraurders to attack the land of Vanaheim (the home of the Vanir) for three years. Fortunately for the Vanir people, Odin sends in his Asgardian warriors (the Einherjar) into battle against the Marauders following the arrest of Loki Laufeyson. An arriving Thor was able to turn the tide against the Marauders by using his hammer to take them out. Duhg then decided to send in one of his champions, the Kronan Maurader, to finish off Thor.

To assert his massive strength, the Kronan Marauder was able kill off a Einherjar warrior with a single punch, much to the delight of the other Marauders. The Kronan then towered above Thor, roaring at him in an attempt to make him surrender. Though it would've seemed Thor accepted the surrender, he instead uses his hammer to take down the Kronan Marauder, instantly crushing him into pieces, much to the shock of the other Marauders. This scene is what drove Duhg and the other Marauders to surrender to the Asgardians. as they don't want to suffer the same fate.



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Kronan Marauder



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