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Dr. K. Guerard, better known as Kronos, is the main antagonist of Doom RPG.


Originally a human scientist for the UAC, Kronos conducted research on teleportion, who later teleported into Hell to discover and modify demons. Following his dismissal from his job and hiding all of his research for doing this, Kronos disguised himself under the alias of K. Guerard and returned to the UAC. Here, he still got up to his old tricks suddenly appearing in places and opening seemingly unopenable doors as other scientists believe he is Kronos' henchmen.

As the demons invaded the UAC base, K. Guerard vanished in the chaos. As Doomguy travels through the UAC base, he might fight emails of Kronos talking to other officials, with some demanding for teleporter to be moved to the room the reactor is or for Dr. Jensen to be stopped.

Reappearing in the sixth sector, K. Guerard leads the player and Dr. Jensen to his trap, revealing his plans to open a portal to Hell, and later facing Doomguy in the reactor as he transforms into his real form. After defeating Kronos, Doomguy shuts down his schemes.


  • The name Kronos is possibly derived from the Greek time god Chronos within Greek mythology.


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