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Kronos is the main villain from the video game Doom RPG.


Kronos was originally a human scientist "Dr. K. Guerard" working for the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC). He conducted research on teleportation. He traveled to another dimension where he encountered evil life forms. Kronos then used human technology to modify the beings.

The UAC discovered his activities and fired him. They buried all of his research. Months later, Kronos returned to the UAC. He was disguised as a scientist named Dr. Guerard. He had a tendency to suddenly appear or open doors in ways that seemed impossible.

This aroused suspicion from the other scientists. Nonetheless, his true identity remained a secret. One day, an unnamed space marine was sent to the UAC station where Dr. Guerard worked. He acted friendly despite the suspicion from the other scientists.

Later, Dr. Geurard disappeared after evil life forms invaded the facility. He reappeared at the facility's reactor and revealed his true motives. Dr, Geurard was actually Kronos in disguise and planned to open a portal to Hell. The marine managed to kill Kronos before he was successful.



  • The name Kronos is possibly derived from the Greek time god Chronos, although a titan of the same name and father of Zeus) within Greek mythology.