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Krytus is the main antagonist of Season 2 of Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5. He is the leader of the Red Sentient 5, Vert Wheeler's counterpart, and Sage's twin brother. He drives the vehicle known as the Syfurious.

He once he tried to kill Sage, but was stopped by Rawkus, and as a result, made her the last blue Sentient until her people were restored. Krytus possesses high amounts of strength and has the ability to form blades from his hands. He created Zemerik to lead his army, until Zemerik turned on Krytus and imprisoned him in the Krypt Zone.

Due to Zemerik's betrayal, he harbored an intense hatred for his once-loyal creation. Neither he nor the other members of the RS5 seem to remember Vert's involvement in Zemerik's betrayal, though Krytus vaguely remembers the BF5 in Blast from the Past. Because they are twins, Krytus and Sage share a weak telepathic link, which Sage uses to locate him. Though physically stronger, his mental powers are weaker than Sage's. After being forced to work together in Shadow Runners, Krytus admits a grudging respect for Vert and calls him by his name, rather than just "human".

In "Get Zemerik", he finally got the chance to terminate Zemerik, but felt cheated out of revenge when Zemerik's new personality "forgave" him. In Unite and Strike, he destroys a Battle Zone in order to create an intense beta wave, which was capable of not only reaching the Red Sentient homeworld, but also undoing the stasis field that trapped his people, thus freeing them. However, his plans for conquest come to naught as the Blue and Red Sentients, weary of eons of fighting, agree to a new peace and Krytus is forever banished into stasis to a frozen wasteland on a distant planet.

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