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The Ku Klux Klan are an infamous hate-group from North America who have appeared in countless works of fiction, even the fantastical realms of DC comics, just as Marvel famously pitted its popular hero of color, Black Panther, against one of the world's most famous and reviled White Power groups DC would follow suit and had the Klan face off against one of its own more prominent heroes of color, Mister Terrific, as well as several other heroes.

The Ku Klux Klan are also set to appear (as of 2018) in a new comic where they shall face off against Superman himself in the aptly named "Superman Smashes the Klan".



Detective Comics


Green Lantern Mosaic


Mister Terrific


Superman Smashes the Klan

(details of this event shall be added once it is announced by official DC sources)



  • just like Marvel comics the use of the KKK in DC is rather sparce due to the strong controversy of the group even in the modern age but many fictional hate groups within both settings can be seen as directly inspired by the Klan and its members.
  • despite this controversy DC is planning not only a new Superman comic where he shall face the KKK but also a non-fiction movie about how the company used Superman to combat the real KKK - both are designed to tackle the rise of neo-Nazism and race crimes in the modern era.
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