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Kuai Xun

Kuai Xun is one of the eleven main antagonists in Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po. He appears in the game's second chapter level "The Gift of Speed".


The Mountain Spirits granted a pair of winged golden shoes to one lucky villager every thousand years. Kuai Xun was the latest villager to receive a gift, this time in the form of a pair of winged golden shoes that granted him super-speed. Unfortunately, Kuai Xun uses this gift, so that he could steal it. After that, he becomes a major nuisance towards the others. He was eventually tracked down by the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five and brought to justice. His magical golden shoes were then confiscated and stored in the Jade Palace.


Little is specifically known about Kuai Xun, though he is evidently greedy, selfish, thieving, acquisitive and impatient in his ways. He is an avaricious and materialistic thief who loves to steal anything. He is also shown to be incredibly obstreperous, aggressive and powerful. He also has a fondness for his winged golden shoes, which grant him great speed.

Fighting Style

Kuai Xun is only a dangerous threat when he has his winged golden shoes, which grant him great speed. He uses them to charge very quickly at opponents. Even when fighting skilled Kung Fu masters, his priority still seems to be making a lucrative profit; whenever he can, he will steal any coins that an opponent possesses. He is also known to jump extremely high into the air, possibly also with the aid of his winged golden shoes, and slam down his enemies. Additionally, Kuai Xun will use his trunk to attack by whipping it back and forth.


Kuai Xun wears a red ninja suit, with a blue headband and a blue waistband with a yellow lightning pattern on it. He also wears blue bands around his short tusks. He also wears a pair of winged golden shoes, which give him the ability to move at high speed. He also has a brown baggage held by his waistband.


  • The design for Kuai Xun is based directly off of one of Nico Marlet's concepts for a ninja elephant in the first Kung Fu Panda film.



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