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Kubra Balik is an antagonist in Orange Is The New Black. He is a drug ring leader and the reason why Alex Vause and Piper Chapman are in prison. He is the employer of Ayden.

He was portrayed by Eyas Younis.


Kubra is the head of an international drug cartel. He was the employer of Fahri, who introduced Alex to the cartel. Kubra cares very much for his company (particularly because if it failed then he would be immediately sentenced to life imprisonment). When Alex and Piper fail to pick up a package of drugs in Paris, the first woman bringing it over was arrested, causing a major setback. Kubra then calls the shot on Fahri, when Ayden shoots him in the head. Kubra then kidnaps Alex, and tells her he will send her to a drug rehabilitation centre because she is "not looking after herself".

Kubra was found on another drug incidence where Alex and Piper were sent to a prison in Chicago awaiting their trial. Piper listens to her lawyer and says she "doesn't recall" who Kubra is. Alex, however, says what she knows, Alex is then put into probation. Kubra is then released on mysterious circumstances.

Kubra then sends Ayden to Litchfield for a job, to kill Alex.


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