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Kuin Hachisuka, also known as Bee☆Pop while possessing Pop☆Step, is the secondary antagonist of the 2016 Japanese superhero My Hero Academia spin-off manga series My Hero Academia Vigilantes. She acted as the main antagonist of the Vigilantes Beginnings Arc, the secondary antagonist of the Stendhal Arc, the main antagonist of the Vs. Queen Bee Arc, and the secondary antagonist of the Final Performance Arc.

She is an agent of the Villain Factory, who uses her Quirk, Queen Bee, to inject the drug Trigger to turn citizens into Instant Villains in order to wreak havoc on the city. Because of the Instant Villain attacks instigated by her Trigger deliveries, the Naruhata Vigilantes were formed to combat this new threat.


Kuin is first seen possessing Tamao Oguro, Knuckleduster's daughter, appearing to be normal except for her medical eyepatch and the constant sinister grin on her face. In this form, she was peppy and cheerful but described as being strange by her friends. However, this is a facade to hide her true psychotic and sadistic nature, enjoying toying with her victims' feelings and not caring if she kills many people at once through her schemes. She also disregards her boss telling her to restrain herself, since she loves injecting people with Trigger to amuse herself. Kuin also doesn't care about her host bodies, since she says that she can just move on to another host as she plots to use her Bomb Bees to destroy Tamao's body. Using the resources supplied from the Villain Factory for her own sadistic goals and being willing to sacrifice Tamao in front of her own father, Kuin can be seen as the darkest and most evil villain in the franchise.

In truth, Kuin Hachisuka is a swarm of parasitic bees linked by a hive mind, controlled by a queen bee. The swarm resides in the eye socket of their host. The bees are able to carry Trigger, a drug that enhances Quirks, which she uses to spread Trigger across the town.

When all but one of the bees were destroyed, Number 6 captured the remaining bee and helped Kuin's swarm to regenerate. Once there were enough bees in the swarm, they possessed the Vigilante Kazuho Haneyama (aka Pop☆Step), who adopts pop star-themed mannerisms. But despite having a new host and a new set of bees, Kuin was just as cruel as before, resuming her acts of terrorism and tormenting Kazuho while leaving her conscious to make her suffer. She also mocked Koichi saying that she hated him, and tried to force Kazuho into committing suicide so Koichi will be haunted with the memories of being unable to save his girlfriend.


Little is known about Kuin Hachisuka's past, but she began to work for the Villain Factory at some point, distributing Trigger across the streets, obtaining information about the transformed victims and kidnapping potential candidates to transform into Next-Level Villains. She survived by possessing hosts and killing entire households to sustain the swarm.

Kuin is first seen by Koichi (aka The Crawler) and Kazuho as a regular teenage girl, taking pictures with her friends. She runs off claiming that she has to go to work. When she is in private, she releases Trigger-carrying bees all over the city, injecting it into people with Quirks to turn them into mutated and destructive monsters. Later on, she meets up with a boy named Teruo Unagisawa to recruit him but then she starts bleeding from the eye as a result of Knuckleduster crushing one of the bees. Kuin and Teruo head to the Villain Factory's headquarters, where he is transformed into an Instant Villain.

While Kuin goes shopping, her employer from the Villain Factory (who had been supplying Trigger for her) calls her to tell her that she shouldn't have been spreading Trigger indiscriminately as it is a valuable drug, but she doesn't care as her employer got lots of data. The employer tells her that the drug must be reserved for people with strong will, "pulling the Trigger" so to speak. Kuin laments that people like that are painful to deal with, and soon finds a drug addict in the alley. She offers him Trigger, which he injects into himself and gains superhuman strength. He angrily tries to punch her, but she escapes. After the Instant Villain is defeated by the Vigilantes, Kuin talks to her employer the next day about the Vigilantes interfering with their plans, but he tells her that the Vigilantes are useful for supplying battle data. She is suspicious towards his dependency on the Vigilantes, but he reminds her of her job as a coordinator and hangs up. Later on, a man shows up asking Kuin if she is "Honey-Chan". She admires him and holds his hand, walking off with him.

In the Stendhal Arc, Kuin makes an alliance with Stendhal to kill the remaining Instant Villains. After Soga Kugizaki walks out of the hospital after meeting up with his friends, Kuin and Stendhal meet him in an alleyway. Kuin asks Soga where his friends are, but he distrusts her since he and his friends had taken Trigger and became Instant Villains before. She tells him about the recent news of Danto Ward being raided by a notorious criminal who murdered an entire yakuza group, and invites him to take Trigger to fight off the criminal. Soga refuses, saying he can fight using his base Quirk alone. When the criminal himself appears, Stendhal loses his patience and tries to kill Soga, while Kuin offers him Trigger to fight him, but Soga refuses again. Bored, Kuin decides to inject Soga with Trigger anyway to make things more interesting, and leaves with a malicious grin. This triggers Soga's paranoia, mutating him into a crazed porcupine-like beast. Koichi and Stendhal fight over Soga, with Koichi intending to cure him while Stendhal wants to kill him as he is a villain in his eyes. In the end, Koichi wins and Soga returns back to normal. Meanwhile, Kuin continued to inject people with Trigger, including a cat with a Quirk, which possessed a bus which nearly killed Koichi and Makoto Tsukauchi.

When the Narufest party is announced, Kuin catches wind of the event and plots to unleash a surprise villain to ruin the show. She releases Teruo, mutated into an eel-like humanoid, who terrorizes the city by firing electricity. Eraser Head tries to stop the Next Level Villain, but he fires a pulse of electricity that causes a blackout. Kuin, who was watching the whole event from the rooftop, plots to use her bees to inject Trigger onto the panicking audience, but her employer advises against it. Suddenly, Knuckleduster finds Kuin and recognizes his daughter Tamao, telling her to come back to her mother. She is confused at first, but Knuckleduster says that he was talking to Tamao instead of Kuin, causing the parasite to laugh hysterically. He is hesitant to attack Kuin with his taser knuckles due to the possibility of also killing his daughter. She unleashes several Bomb Bees at him, but only one explodes, claiming that the rest were bluffs. Kuin runs for her life as Knuckleduster pursues her throughout the city until he has her cornered at a dead end. In an act of desperation, Kuin extracts some of Teruo's Quirk with a bee and commands her bees to inject her body with Trigger and Teruo's electric Quirk, stimulating Tamao's feelings of resentment towards her father (which is why she ran away from her parents in the first place). Tamao yells at her father as Kuin gains electric claws and jabs him to electrocute his heart.

Knuckleduster knows that the voltage in his heart will kill him, and congratulates Tamao for being clever, but Kuin tells him that she'll see him in hell as she walks away leaving him to die. Luckily, he uses his taser knuckle to restart his heart and get back up. Kuin says that she will use up her current body and move on to the next, and rushes towards Knuckleduster with a swarm of genuine Bomb Bees, planning to use her electricity to blow them up alongside Tamao's body. Knuckleduster jabs Kuin in the heart with his taser knuckle, knocking her unconscious and leaving the body to die. She tries to restart her heart with her electricity, but he kneels on her arm to prevent her from doing so. Kuin's body dies, but Knuckleduster uses all of his tools supplied by Giran to extract the swarm from her eye, then igniting the bees and blowing them up, killing the swarm. Once Tamao's body is freed, Knuckleduster defibrillates her heart and performs CPR on her.

Kazuho struggles to battle Kuin.

Knuckleduster managed to succeed in saving his daughter, who was alive in hospital, but this would not be the end of Kuin Hachisuka. Number 6 captured the only bee left alive after Knuckleduster blew up the rest. For years, he hung out in an abandoned building, nurturing Kuin's swarm by feeding her human victims until the swarm grew big enough to parasitize another host, whom Number 6 had already decided. Posing as "Rokuro Nomura", Number 6 gained Kazuho's trust and lured her away to a building, before revealing his true identity and throwing her into the basement, where there are corpses everywhere alongside Kuin's bees.

Ever since Kazuho's disappearance, Koichi and his friends searched for her. Eventually, Koichi saw a swarm of Bomb Bees exploding. He found out that Pop☆Step had become the next host of Kuin Hachisuka. Number 6 tells Bee☆Pop to play her next performance, and she hacks everyone's phones to play her new song as she uses her Bomb Bees to cause destruction. When Koichi interferes, Number 6 says that she's no longer Kazuho but someone greater, while Kuin sticks out her tongue blackened from Trigger, saying "I hate you" to Koichi, stunning him as he falls to the ground. Then, Kuin says that her performance is over and she and Number 6 leave.

Koichi has to train with Soga and his friends to prepare to face Kuin again, then the teens prepare the mission while analyzing videos of her Quirk and techniques. Meanwhile, Kazuho has regained consciousness for a moment and cries in agony as she struggles to regain control of her body from Kuin. When the mission begins, they realize that there have been many heroes sent to stop Bee☆Pop's terrorism, including Endeavor. As the chase continues, Endeavor uses his new Super Move, Karmic Raze: Hellfire Storm to release a pillar of flames to burn Bee☆Pop, but his sidekick Burnin tells him to stop, leading the villain's life to be spared. With Naomasa telling Endeavor that Koichi was a vigilante, the No. 2 Hero chased Kuin down whilst also trying to stop Koichi since Endeavor believed that vigilantes are only wannabes so The Crawler is another villain in his eyes.

In Kazuho's mind, she thinks about what could've happened had Kuin not possessed her, imagining herself fighting crime with Koichi and getting married with him with children. However, Kuin takes that scenario out of her mind, claiming it's useless now. When Koichi meets her again, she sings a song. Everyone else realizes that her lyrics are all about Kazuho's insecurities. In the end, Kuin surrounds herself with Bomb Bees and mocks Koichi by saying that whenever he looks at a sunset, he will remember the day he failed to save her. Naomasa believes that Kuin is going to force Kazuho to commit suicide to mock Koichi. As The Crawler tries to save the possessed heroine, her real mind breaks through and she grabs Koichi's hand, only she is shot from afar by Number 6, claiming that he doesn't want her to forget her dream as he is Bee☆Pop's biggest fan.

Koichi carries Kazuho's body and tries to escort her and Soga to safety, so he can remove Kuin's swarm from Kazuho's body. Endeavor chases the vigilante down while shooting his flames at him, but he succeeds in escaping. Midnight manages to find them, and puts both Kazuho and Kuin to sleep.

Powers and Abilities

  • Queen Bee: Kuin is a hive mind of parasitic bees which can all be controlled through a single consciousness. Whenever one feels pain, the host feels pain as well.
  • Parasitism: Kuin can parasitize a host and take control of them, resulting in having the combined personality of the host and Kuin herself.
  • Bomb Bees: Kuin can create bees which explode on command. As even a single Bomb Bee's explosion is very painful to Kuin, she uses them sparingly with her first Bomb Bees per attack being firecrackers. She even threatens to destroy her host's body via her Bomb Bees.
  • Swarm Reformation: As long as there is one bee remaining, Kuin Hachisuka can reconstruct her swarm even if said bee is not the queen. After Number 6 saved one surviving bee, said bee took the role of the queen and birthed a new swarm, allowing her to regenerate.


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