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The diplomats from Snezhnaya promised a very generous reward indeed... and all they requested of me in return was to see that the Vision Hunt Decree is upheld. For too long, the Kujou Clan's position has been coveted by so many. There is no shortage of clans who would tear us down at the first opportunity. So, when the chance arose to gain the backing of another powerful nation and crack down on our enemies at the same time, It appeared to me to be an excellent deal. I simply saw no need to inform you, Sara.
~ Kujou Takayuki admitting to his dealings with the Fatui

Kujou Takayuki is a major antagonist in the 2020 role-playing game Genshin Impact, serving as the one of the main antagonist of the Inazuma Archon Quests, serving as the overarching antagonist of the first act of Chapter II, The Immoval God and Eternal Euthymia and the second act Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow, before becoming the main antagonist of the third act, Omnipresence Over Mortals. He is the corrupt Tenryou Commissioner of the Shogunate and the head of the Kujou Clan until the end of Omnipresence Over Mortals who forged an alliance with the Fatui who plan to subjugate the Nation of Eternity and form a black market for Delusions.

He was voiced by June Yoon in the English version.


Takayuki is a tall elderly man with white hair and beard. He wears a traditional kimono with a haori. His katana can be seen on the left side.


Kujou Takayuki is best described as a ruthless, corrupt man who prioritizes the end results over everything else, and will even resort to brutal methods to enforce the Shogun's rule, to the point where his children voice their doubts about the Sakoku and Vision Hunt Decrees, while believing that his policies are killing Inazuma's economy in the long term. Takayuki only colluded with the Fatui just to consolidate his power, believing that the Shogun could easily put them in line with her strength if they stepped out, which turned out to be true as the Shogunate eventually managed to dispose of off the Fatui after his arrest. He also mentions that he was loyal towards the Shogun, but this turned out to be a complete ruse as he actually only revered the Shogun for the Musou no Hitotachi, knowing that he was no match for her judgment in case his crimes were exposed, as he would backstab the Shogun for keeping secrets of public outrage from her.


Early life

Kujou Takayuki was the father to two sons named Kujou Masahito and Kujou Kamaji. He adopted an unconscious Tengu woman carrying a Vision before adopting her as Sara. According to the Inazuma edition of the Teyvat Travel Guide, it is revealed that Takayuki was the one who built the Mikage Furnace in Tatarasuna to smelt Jade Steel, in where Alice actually modified the furnace to prevent it from overheating before its core meltdown. When his son Masahito described the Tatarigami's destructive influence, he responded in fury, believing that Masahito was making excuses for his own incompetence, he sent an investigation team to the island to uncover the "truth" — a veiled warning for Masahito to "pull himself together" lest he be demoted and replaced by his adoptive sister. He was also implied to have severely punished a bunch of Tenryou soldiers for playing games with Kujou Sara and reprimanded her for what he saw as pointless fraternizing. In a lost note scattered at Higi Village, he also ordered them to kill any and all villagers they came across while blaming the Watatsumi Army for it. It is even mentioned in another note that he threatened to kill the villagers for assisting "traitors" if he didn't report the return of Gongozaemon in time.

Vision Hunt and Sakoku Decrees

A year before the events of the game, the Fatui conspired with Takayuki to have him pass on the Vision Hunt Decree so they could sell their Delusions and cause chaos in the nation in return for power. Takayuki manipulated the Shogun and Beelzebul into ratifying the decrees writing letters on the pretence that he was innocent all along, leading to Inazuma's civil war. Over time, Takayuki's evil plans eventually were foiled by the Traveler, Yashiro Commission and Yae Miko, but obviously not without losses as Watatsumi Army were already furthering their already-long conflict against the Shogunate in defiance of the Vision Hunt Decree, which indirectly led to them accepting the Fatui's provision of Delusions that caused the death of an arrogant soldier named Teppei, whose death influenced the Traveler to expose the Fatui plot to Yae Miko before Kamisato Ayato found it out personally. The friend of Kaedehara Kazuha, an exiled member from the Yashiro Commission, was killed by the Shogun for losing a duel against Sara before the throne, a risk he made in support of public discontent against the Vision Hunt Decree. Sara and the Traveler raided Tenshukaku, bringing her adoptive father to confess his wrongdoings, leading to the duel against La Signora, whom Hiiragi Shinsuke, the corrupt Kanjou Commissioner signed a deal with, to hoard a large supply of Crystal Marrow shipped to Ritou while using an innocent merchant named Werner as a front to sell the Crystal Marrow, which served as the debt for the taxes he set up, at an extremely high price. The Traveler would win the duel against La Signora, resulting in her execution, allowing the Shogun to let the Traveler leave Tenshukaku alive.

Defeat and legacy

After the Traveler defeats Beelzebul, the latter puts Kujou Takayuki under house arrest for his crimes against humanity, removing his will, conviction and position. Kamaji, his oldest son, replaces him as clan head. However, his actions have left the Kujou clan in an extremely vulnerable state; another man named Takatsukasa Susumu eventually attempted to usurp Kamaji's position as clan head, but to no avail as he refused to fight Beelzebul who went to investigate it herself and despite Kamaji losing the duel, she gives the Kujou another chance to lead the commission.

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