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The Kumonga are minor antagonists in Godzilla Singular Point.

The Kumonga are a species incarnation of Kumonga from the Godzilla series. Rather than being a single giant spider, the Kumonga from singular point are much smaller, but still gigantic, insect, kaiju species of the same character.

Physical Appearance

Kumonga's appearance is a cross between its namesake and Megalon. It's face has blue spider like eyes, two bigger yellow eyes, and two antennas. They also have sharp legs, and what looks like Megalon's horn on their abdomen. Their bodies are green with yellow stripes, while their front legs look like Megalon's drill like hands.

Kamangas look similar but have differences: they have a stinger like abdomen instead of a horn, their front legs resemble Gigan's blades or Kamacura' raptorial arms, and they have three small spikes on their backs.

Hanenga looks a lot like Kumonga, but with two large dragonfly wings.

Zenbunga is a fusion of Kumonga (having the horn abdomen), Kamanga (having the blade raptorial arms) and Hanenga (having the wings).

While they look like spiders, their true selves are actually amoeba like creatures that have large tendril like tentacles as well as a head that resembles that of Hedorah's with two yellow eyes.


Godzilla Singular Point

The Otaki Factory Crew and three others first encountered Kumonga after discovering the spider Kaiju's nest. A Kumonga attempts to attack the group, but Jet Jaguar kills it with its Anguirus Spear. Even when cut in half, Kumonga was still capable of moving. Goro Otaki recklessly attacks it's head with a wrench, before Kumonga tries to kill him, but Jet Jaguar saves its creator and finishes Kumonga.

Six more appear and attack Jet Jaguar, but it defeats all but one, which escaped and took one of the three others. As the group go toward the nest to find him, the Kumongas emerge in their true forms and confront the group, while Jet Jaguar detects twenty of them in the nest.

The group manages to go into the nest and attempt to save the missing men in the nest, while Jet Jaguar battles not only the Kumongas, but also a Kamanga, a larger Kumonga with scythes as its weapons. As the group escape onto a boat in the docks, they are hunted by Hanenga, An another type of Kumonga with wings. The nest explodes with Jet Jaguar inside, although it manages to survive.

As it’s battery goes critical, the Kumongas, Kamangas, Hanengas, as well as a new Kumomga type called Zenbunga begin closing in on the mech. Jet Jaguar purges its battery as it heads to the boat the group is on, while the Kumongas swarm around the area to protect their nest. It’s unknown what happened to the spider like Kaiju, but it's possible they either disappeared along with the kaiju after Godzilla’s defeat or are still in the area with a bigger nest.


  • This version of Kumonga appears to be a hybrid of previous kaiju, not only resembling a cross between Kumonga and Megalon, they share behavioral patterns more akin to Meganulons, and their internal forms strongly resemble Hedorah colored like Yog or Dogora.

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