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Kundo is a Ben 10 villain that first appeared in Rook Tales.


He hates technology, and he is obsessed with saving the Revonnahgander traditions. He holds a deep grudge on his former student, Rook Blonko and his sister,Rook Shar who became Plumbers. He is willing to hurt or kill others in order to keep everything the way he thinks it's meant to be. However, to succeed in something he is willing to violate ancient rules, like trading Amber Ogia with offworlders.

After his life was saved at the cost of becoming a cyborg, he called himself an abomination and was disgusted by his appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Before becoming a cyborg

Kundo is a grandmaster of Ravonnah Kai. His combat skills are very potent. He is also proficient in used of a three-section staff with a curved blade on the top, able to wield it as a single long pole or its segmented form for great versatility in battle. He has also demonstrated great agility and acrobatics, along with noticeable strength, able to easily punch through Bloxx's body.

Against many of Ben's alien forms, Kundo was able to either repel Ben's attack or simply topple him. Even Ben's best close combat fighter in Kickin Hawk was only strong enough to make Kundo fight seriously, to which Ben was quickly defeated. Kundo's signature technique in battle is the "Stone Cutter", a powerful punch that focuses energy into his striking fist. Once used, its force is able to create powerful shockwaves and smash through any armor.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Rook Tales (first appearance)



  • His fate is very similar to Darth Vader 's due to Kundo being severly burned and turned into a cyborg.
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